Wednesday, 19 August 2015

High Expectations ....... dashed!

Club night and again it was fairly empty, two boardgames, Bloodbowl and four of us playing Muskets and Tomahawks, mind you the whole of our part of Lancashire seems empty as I barely sell a stamp book these days, maybe they are all out protesting against the latest fracking licences.

Anyway, Rob Martin as usual had organised the game and it was well done, there were a bunch of supplies in a small French Fort which were the target of the British in the area, they had to be torched for us to win the game. There were French regulars on the way and the supplies could also be loaded onto a nearby bateux (now theres an EU moment). The 'Auld Alliance' meant nothing in these here parts as I took command of some Jocks from the 78th Foot and two units of experienced woodsmen, this I was reliably informed were an elite assault force, don't forget the matches, job almost done.

The target.

The Jocks and friends.
Andy was in charge of more irregulars but he was further from the fort than I and would take time to get through the woods. I decided to creep along the trees nearest to the fort and open up on the defenders, this way Andy could hopefully make for the dock and the fort gate, brush off the civilians and end the matter.

 I put some Rangers on the edge of the wood and started taking pot shots at the walls, three rangers bit the dust, ooops! I tried again with the larger unit of Jocks, three more guys went down, I retreated into the woods and advanced enmasse against some French irregulars who had had the temerity to enter the wood. This time I lost one man before the inevitable three, however I plunged on, these guys were elite and expert fieldsmen, they failed miserably to do any damage to the enemy and once again I was forced back.
My elites roll to kill!

Too late I thought what I should do is put the rifelmen at long range and simply take pot shots, like the enemy Indian sharpshooter on one of the towers who was causing carnage in Andy's ranks. I put my two remaining rifles in a position to shoot, but sadly they were just inside musket range and they promptly died with a look of surprise on their faces. With nothing left to lose I put my commanding officer to a duel with the Indian, then as a near miss winged over his head he legged it back into the forest.

As my remaining troops cowered in the wood the French irregulars disdainfully left the wood and returned to the fort having completely nullified my strike force. It was at this point I was given command of a bunch of Indians sympathetic to the British, a mere six men they nonetheless charged through the wood in front of the fort and opened up on a large group of Frenchie's and destroyed them, they then sat and started to decimate the regulars who had turned up and were marching for the fort. I could at least bragg about something in this game. Andy meanwhile had been beaten back and had holed up in the nearby town, he did however manage to kill more French than I did, the attack had been a disaster for the British.

French regulars arrive.

I now realise that what I should have done was occupy the village and snipe away from cover until the defenders were suitably worn down and then we both should have rushed everyone forward for the gate. I am unused to games where buildings are important and generally steer clear of them, but no longer, I do like the game but I am not sure the game likes me.

My excellent Indians.

It was a pleasure to play with Rob's troops which are beautiful figures and painted to a high standard, I also liked the fact he had all the little extra's which make a game, the supplies, the boats and a wonderful cart which looked like a travelling inn complete with massive wine barrel.


  1. Seems to be a fantastic game, great looking fort and minis (love the French advance...)

  2. It is a good game Phil, plenty of fun and as you say some beautiful figures from several manufacturers to go with it. I though a bit of sympathy for the three one's might have been nice :)

  3. Great stuff George. Must get off my arse and finish painting up my own stuff for M&T. It's a cracking little game.

  4. Great stuff George. Must get off my arse and finish painting up my own stuff for M&T. It's a cracking little game.

    1. I bought the rules as they might not be available by the time I get around to building up some forces, and you are right Andy, a good game.

      Keep up the inspiring WWII stuff.