Wednesday, 19 August 2015


I sit here having polished off the dregs of the Drambuie along with some excellent wine, I am flush with bonhomie.

I have eventually managed to get the horse archers on to the painting tray now that I have got rid of all my visitors, I had looked at a quick way to paint horses but have decided to go back to my normal way. I intend to get at least an hours painting done each day and will make a conscious effort to do so, I am really looking forward to painting and using this unit.

My wife made me an offer this evening which I am finding hard to refuse, when the PO eventually closes, as it must, I am being given the space for a wargame room. We are talking a huge area here which would be self contained, toilet, tea and coffee facilities along with storage for all my armies and terrain, it also has to contain my PC and library, my 'den' in other words. How can I refuse?

Another reason for the lack of painting at the moment is my map work, I am working on the Battle of Loos 1915 at the moment and have three other projects on the conveyor belt, tanks in WWI, the Sikh Wars and Rhodesia again.


  1. George,
    Your own gaming room ... more like a gaming centre, replete with all mod-cons! Good on you old bean! When's your first "event"? ;o)

    1. It's a few years off yet Matt, it could easily accommodate four 6x4 tables, but I am already thinking of two 7x5's. It would be cheaper than a dining room/kitchen.