Saturday, 9 January 2016


Why a second post today, why not. We have no visitors, the weather is cold and wet, there is a steak pie in the oven, red wine getting to room temperature and a movie to sink into the couch to watch later in front of a lovely wood fire.

I have finished the Saxon rally point, the revellers are actually Vikings but who is going to complain and perhaps they will come in handy down the road if I ever get a Viking army. I added some barrels, a table and the chickens for a bit of colour. The scene reminds me of the night before we kick off a tournament, you know who you are under the table, answers on a postcard.

Oi! Mind your 'and Olaf.

I also had an attack of my old OCDC or whatever, I pulled out my Dark Age armies, moved the figures on to new trays, cleaned, primed and based the new figures and fit them in where applicable. I have to say that the Arthurian Saxon Miniatures pack was far better than the Anglo-Saxon one, although I still dislike the hands. I have decided to give most of the Saxons to my son and to that end I ordered up a few figures from Gripping Beast along with additions to my Dark Age cavalry, who are being changed from ten to twelve man units. That will mean that my three WAC armies will be complete, no need to add anything else, no sir.


  1. George,
    That is bloomin' superb! I love the impromptu bar, replete with chicken - is that a Dark Age bar snack? All very nicely posed too.

  2. Bar snack, I like that, might need to pick up some plates etc. to finish it off.