Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Giddy Up!

I am hurrying along with my painting so that I have the upgraded cavalry ready for Sunday, I only need to wash these guys, varnish and base. Before I ventured into the jaws of the great British public this morning I painted their shoes, magnetised the bases and got the movement trays ready, I then sat back and admired them.

They are all Gripping Beast Saxon mounted Heroes if my memory serves me well, I only ordered them a few weeks ago so I should be right. I think they are quite a dramatic little group, excellent action poses and a real sense of speed and menace.I couldn't resist a quick pic.

This has taught me one thing, get your army right the first time, perhaps I was being a bit optimistic using 24 man units for what are essentially warbands, my actual warbands have 32. Despite this the Romano-British have a decent average score in the tournaments and this may improve as I hopefully will improve. I might also have been trying to keep some money in my pocket not having the extra figures, who knows. Now I have the best of both worlds, I have extra figures and two types of movement trays so I have more flexibility when choosing an army for the day.

On the subject of army lists I have to make one up for Sunday, I shall be fielding the Romans again and am torn between fielding the same as last time, which I believe is a good all round army for the upcoming tournament in February or just have some fun and bring some cataphracts and Praetorians which if I do will leave me enough points for two dogs and a goat.


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    1. Thanks, better when complete of course. Gripping Beast are hard to beat, lovely figures, lots of them, hardly any cleaning up and are a joy to paint.

      Saw your AWI report, great stuff.