Thursday, 7 January 2016

Club Night

 The first visit to the club in 2016 and I have caught up with that Sudan game I missed due to my birthday. As you know I am not a huge fan of the BP and Hail Caesar type of game but it seems to work with this and every game is a lot of fun, and I have to say in both the Sudan games I came away having the impression that they gave an historical result. We are also lucky in that Rob, who runs the games never fails to put a lot of work in and the resulting battles show this.

The Mahdists approach.

Without further ado I took command of the Scottish Brigade which contained the Black Watch, Seaforth Highlanders and the Highland Light Infantry with a gun and some elite British cavalry, Paul, my companion also had a brigade but not as keen as mine according to Rob. Rob and Ian had hordes of Mahdist cannon fodder, Ian, facing me had the most fanatical.

We had to escort an archaeologist to an important desert site and keep him alive while we did it, Paul formed brigade square while I remained in lines and would attempt to take the village to my front while Paul moved up the road protecting our left. The Mahdists went first and the fanatics moved swiftly on my lines, only just failing to contact, I threw my cavalry in on a misjudged charge against some camel mounted enemy and managed to fall back to my start point, this eventually suited me, the camels were not to become a problem on my flank as they eventually had to retire, so not an unhappy result.

The enemy charge in.
My firepower failed to stop the enemy charging and in they came, after several turns of desperate fighting I lost the HLI but managed to cripple Ian's Mahdists enough for them to retire from the fight, the Black Watch were the heroes of this fight, the Seaforth's only just managed what was asked of them.

 Over on my left I watched with trepidation as Paul's square was assaulted half a dozen times and each time only just held, the fighting and bloodletting around the square was horrendous.

Desperate fighting all along the British lines.
 As one brigade disappeared Ian was handed another and it too now headed for the square apart from a wild cavalry charge against the Black Watch, which was despatched by some outstanding volleys.
The Square under pressure.
As we approached home time it was clear that despite many valiant attempts to destroy it the square would hold and the Mahdists had had enough, whatever was found at the site I hope the British Museum realises it cost a lot of blood to get.

So a nice start to 2016, elsewhere we had the usual boardgame but I am unsure what period it was, a Bloodbowl game and a large Franks vs Lombards 10mm Sword and Spear battle, nothing much seems to happen in a game, large numbers of troops sit around waiting, I think this has something to do with the activation mechanic rather than the generals. On the last table there was a trial run of Cross of Iron from Great Escape Games, I hope to get a shot at this at some point. Next week Andrew wants to try out an X-Wing scenario he has written, as I am the Imperial player I hope to get a chance to field some of my little used ships for some fun.


  1. Sounds a lot of fun - which club is it?

  2. Lancaster, I know a few wargamers who frequent Falkirk, Billy Stephen and Robert Thompson, old sparring partners of mine when I lived in Carluke.