Friday, 15 January 2016

Nothing Much

I have completed as far as I can the upgrading of my Dark Age warbands from 24 to 27 men, the reason I did this is that most of the Dark Age armies I have fought against or seen in the WAC tournaments have 27 or 30 man units and I felt my own guys were at a disadvantage. With me it is only a feeling, something intangible, but there are other wargamers out there who work on probabilities, percentages and all sorts of other black arts which deal with numbers, I am not thick by any means but life is too short.

The new, improved Romano-British and Saxon hordes.
I paint my guys to the best of my ability and I then become attached to them, no matter whether they are elites or cannon fodder of the lowest order, I do expect them to perform on the battlefield but I leave it up to them and the dice gods, not the numbers.

I played a guy a long time ago who played by the numbers, a very clever, nice lad who turned up every week expecting his HYW English army to destroy everything in its path as he had worked out nothing could stand up to the arrow storm he would let loose from behind his barricades. I have to admit he was usually right, but not with my boys, we bucked the trend. Why, because my troops had heart not computers and I trusted them rather than the numbers. I fought one game against him where he simply could not believe the number of sixes I threw over three or four combats destroying his army, s**t happens.

I am only pottering about at the moment, I still have two infantry units to add to, then eight cavalry to paint and then I am done, I have no patience as you know and I have already started on the last six infantry, the cavalry I hope to have finished by the end of the month when I am expecting another WAC battle.

I have a tournament in May and if the new army lists are made official by then I will be tempted to take my Saxons as a Heptarchy army, they haven't always fought well for me but I still live in hope.

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