Sunday, 31 January 2016

View From The WIndow

The view this morning was very pleasant, we were staying at The County in Aycliffe Village near Darlington and at breakfast we looked out the window across a village green which, apart from one ugly modern building, could have graced a lovely postcard of times gone by. The County is first class, both stylish and spotless and the fresh cooked full English, with Scottish black pudding was superb.

The ambience was maintained as I picked my son up for a wargame and we headed to his place of work on the Zetland Estates, the large complex once held the estates stables and sundry outbuildings which the good Lord decided would bring more cash in as office space. It just might be the poshest venue I have played in.

We finished off in the local pub for a pint before the ladies joined us and the missus and I left for home. We could just about hear ourselves think as the local big mouth ensured that everyone within earshot could hear his every word while his circle sat around admiring but quiet. Needless to say nothing he espoused was interesting, just loud.

I am late back, a trifle tired, and now fortified by a nice bottle of Nuit St. Georges and going to hit the sack, I do have concerns and observations from the previous week but they will have to wait until next Sunday.

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