Sunday, 12 June 2016

View From The Window

Summer continues, it is muggy and warm, slightly damp outside but I am sure that will dry up shortly, I am looking at the garage in the 'gap' and there is now so much greenery on the roof it looks like a bunch of eco-warriors have built one of those environmentally friendly (and hugely expensive) big huts in order to feel superior, dress like a tramp and point a finger at those of us destroying the planet. That aside the other houses in the village are selling but not Washington House, which kind of proves my point that it is an ugly building and requires a lot of work.

I take it you have been watching the BBC's unbiased reporting of the EU Referendum, or like me have you been reaching for the remote and waiting for Channel 4 news, no, that won't do either they want in as well. The BBC cannot even do biased in a clever way, no matter what the subject is they hit you over the head with a shovel, immigration, they find a well heeled business man or woman, normally with a foreign accent who is in favour then hop round to the local betting shop or Post Office and find a toothless wino or old crone to put the opposite argument.

Big Brother?

I have been bombarded, OK, I have been told twice to watch Question Time to see the wonderful, marathon running, clever, modern Eddie Izzard trounce Nigel Farage. Well he didn't trounce Nigel, he didn't actually come up with a proper answer to anything Farage said, he did steer the conversation away from the moot points and make personal attacks. How many times has Farage to say he doesn't want a halt to immigration he wants checks, which is a perfectly reasonable stand point. The number of MP's of other parties who are deluded, mad, unreasonable, shifty and corrupt are all forgotten, they are paragons of virtue when put alongside the lunatic, racist, fascist Farage. Give me a break.

God saves Nigel.
It is all moot at the end of the day, my mind was made up years ago and no amount of hot air by either side will change it.

We have almost two weeks of lovely hot weather and what happens, every other customer who comes in tells me we need some rain! The plants need water, what on earth did the plants do before we turned up and put them in nice neat rows and hanging baskets, are there Neanderthal watering cans still to be unearthed, did they fret that the Peonies at the cave mouth were drying up and sitting wishing someone would invent not the wheel but the Garden Centre. The garden is for sitting in with a floppy hat a cold drink and a good book.

I have a guy who comes in about once every three months and asks for a stamp, he watches me peel the sticky stamp from the sheet, and sees that it is sticking to the end of my finger as I proffer it through the opening. He takes it and moves it around several times on his own fingers to get it into a position where he can ...... lick it. I am not heartless, I have told him they are sticky and there is no need to lick it, but it's a stamp and stamps get licked.

Many of you are no doubt watching the football, if you are English, Welsh or Irish you will be, but not if you are Scottish, once again we are not part of an international competition despite most of us knowing we are one of the worlds greatest football nations who for reasons unfathomable have never actually won anything or these days even get the chance to play. I don't like sport but I do have a hang over from my young days and despite the pain it usually causes I would watch Scotland play, at least until the enemy, for that is who they are, score their first couple of goals.

There we go, a small fry up will be served in about thirty minutes, egg, bacon and fried bread with the obligatory beans and cuppa Rosy.


  1. You seem a tad fractious this morning Mr Anderson. Enjoy your brew and fry up and ponder the mysteries of life.

    You can relax about the Neverendum. I know Our Nigel is always in a scrape over something, but the really interesting thing is whether or not there will be a revolution in Great Britain (read England) beginning on the 24th inst. Scotland can rely on Jimmy Crankie, Northern Ireland has Ian Paisley's love child and Wales . . . . Anyway, it's Westminster, the hub of the universe, that's the real problem. Whatever the outcome of the vote, Our Nigel will be redundant, so he'll be out of the running and that nice bloke called Tim from Lancaster doesn't count, but what's left? Imagine a power struggle between Boz and Worzel Gummage! There you go - Mogadon before bedtime. 😳

    You might also wish to consider preparing a special stamp for your customer of the year. Imagine what you could wipe the back of the stamp on before he licks it! 😜

    In the meantime, it's Sunday, so have a paint or a game or something - but not re-flocking 😥

    1. It's what Sundays are for Gary, then the rest of the week is relatively calm, apart from my notes for the next Sunday :)

  2. George, your English is coming along really well. You'll be fluent soon if you keep on using words like Rosy!!!!

  3. You're havin' an Albanian.....Serbian......Bosnian, no wait, Turkish mate.