Sunday, 26 June 2016

View From The Window

It is not looking too good after a lovely week of sunshine, we got a pile of rain yesterday and it is pretty grim this morning with grey overcast skies, still, nothing like the horrendous weather they have been getting down south. The missus and her friends went to the local brewery on Friday evening and I tagged along, the 'pub' part of the building is very small and to be kind is atmospheric, I could say ramshackle but I won't, but on a dry evening you can find a space outside to sit on a stone, empty barrel or stand by an old round wire holder thing. The beer is cheap, £2.50 a pint, they didn't have 0% obviously and as I was celebrating anyway I took a walk on the wild side and downed a couple. It also helped me cope with four women. There was a famous or semi-famous singer and her group being squeezed into the barn at some point but after a couple of hours it was time to eat and anyway the rain was back just as we left. The little brewery is quite a success story. Nothing else of note although I have ordered up superfast broadband which means digging up the pavement to get it to me also the road through the village to civilisation is being closed in August for 10-12 weeks, that's going to be fun as everything will have to come in and out through narrow country lanes.

Did I tell you about the customer who came in regularly with a tenner to pay £9.10p instead of bringing 10p and getting a pound change? Well he is at it again, one of his payment cards does not work and he has a new one, every week now he hands me the old one, before watching me waste my time swiping it before saying "oh, that doesn't work, try this one!" Why would he keep the one that doesn't work?

I am not a lover of sport as you know, but I was delighted with the Panorama investigation into corruption within the world athletics governing body, can't think of their name, but it centred on squeaky clean Lord Coe and his relationship with the most corrupt family in the sport, how is it these third world despots can run rings around people who should know better. Anyway Coe was of course found out to be a liar and economical with the truth and had mislead a parliamentary commission (that's news). Then came the bit I like best, when confronted by the Panorama journalist he continued his walk of shame, completely ignoring the questions with a polite if strained 'thank you' until he outdistanced them, I love it. Of course nothing will happen to Mr. Clean Up nor will he actually clean up, a bit like Neil Kinnock at the EU.

So here we are, the big news of the week, of the decade or possibly the biggest political upset which the British people have ever delivered, we're OUT. This is schadenfreude for me, as the Remain camp desperately strive to close the stable doors now that the horse has indeed bolted. It is not legal, Parliament can ignore it, we have a petition (see last weeks View on those), it was all the old people (most young people did not bother to vote) and on and on. The frenzy of the defeated is bordering on madness, London should vote to be independent, what rot, London already is a different part of the UK. The Scots want another go at independence, tell her no, that ship has sailed, this was a UK referendum not a Scottish in/out, the Irish nationalists want a go despite knowing it is not going to happen.

So what price Democracy, the system we are ramming down peoples throats around the world, it looks like if you don't get your way, you ignore the result and try everything you can think of, including stamping your feet and going in the huff, until you get your way. This is how democracy works: 17,000,001 For, 17,000,000 Against, the For's win!

My last word, if the EU had reformed itself decades ago, as many people asked them to, then last week would not have happened.

Second last word, I said to the the missus "James Corden says Out is a betrayal of our youth" "James who?" the defence rests m'lud.

Third last word, its over, let's get on and all do the best we can for the country.


  1. I know you don't do sport.....but you didn't mention the footie.

  2. I know you don't do sport.....but you didn't mention the footie.

  3. The recent 'Shrimps' game cured me forever of footie Ray :)

  4. At last - a wargamer's blog with a rational, commonsense assessment of the EU Referendum. Far too many of our fellow gamers have been posting absolute twaddle in the last few days. Thank you!

  5. No, thank you sir. I almost upset the table at the garden centre today when I overheard the owner venting his spleen on the result.

  6. Only time will tell of course...............but I can not help but relish the thought of Boris and Trump leading the Anglo-Saxon peoples.

    Oh dear.............schadenfreude indeed.