Friday, 3 June 2016

Blowing the Trumpet

The Parcelforce guy arrived this morning and lo and behold he had something for me this time, he is the opposite of the Postman, he is always happy and you can hear him whistling away as he approaches the shop, yes that can get on my nerves as well. But he seems a decent chap and as I said he had something for me.

The box contained the two volume history of the Scots Guards during WWI which I had the pleasure to draw the maps for, the author Randall Nicol, is the only author I have yet met face to face as most of my communications are done online or occasionally on the phone. I had hoped to go to the book launch but because my wife was absent I could not make the journey, I would dearly have loved to have been there.

My friend Charles Singleton was running the event for Helion and was tasked with getting the two volumes for me and having them signed by Randall, a mission which is now complete

The books are a joy to hold and the work on the dust jackets by Paul at Battlefield Design is extremely elegant. I only tend to buy a very few of the books which I produce maps for although obviously I would like them all but that is not practicable, so I restrict myself to books which have a good number of maps in them and which peak my interest.

I could not resist blowing the trumpet on this one as I am very pleased with the books and my involvement with them.