Monday, 13 June 2016

Affordable Homes

I may have built more homes recently than the British construction industry, and here is my latest, a rather grand edifice for a well to do Norman farmer. It is another Charlie Foxtrot model but this time I also bought a 'tiled' base for the building which also had space for an outhouse. I am very pleased with it although you might notice I did not stick the paper tiles on this model, I deduced it would be a faff with the dormer windows and yesterday I did not have any patience reserves. I also realised once I had stuck the dormers on to the roof it would have been easier to tile before sticking them, but I am more than happy the way it has turned out. There is room for more weathering but that will have to wait.

I will be on the lookout at St. Helens next week for some suitable farmyard bits and pieces or some other such bric a brac for the courtyard, maybe an old tractor. This leaves one more building to do, a burnt out shell, this will take more effort as I need to do at least one exposed floor with wallpaper and I want piles more debris lying around, to this end I have bought some large plastic sheets for bases. I am told Colin is going to do a church at some point so I shall get that then call a halt.

I want to do a series of linked games, a mini campaign if you like in the near future and am bouncing some ideas off my friend Matt who is already involved in just such an exercise in the Italian theatre in '43. I hope to get something off the ground by the end of the month.

I mentioned St. Helens before, the Phalanx show is on next Saturday and the Last Valley will be there, I am hoping to pick up the last of my hedges from him, I may also be tempted by another couple of models, not sure.

I have completed yet another map project, well it is at the stage where the author now checks my work and comments on corrections, mistakes or amendments if there are any before I send it to the publisher. Not a very exciting book map wise but one with forty years of research behind it and I suspect many more volumes to come. What is it, it is a history of the Luftwaffe from its beginnings until the end. Tomorrow will find me back on the Somme and after that galloping across the steppes with Genghis Khan.

The Spanish Civil War and the Condor Legion


  1. Looking very good George! That tile works a treat too. Speaking of tractors ... Colin once did a WW2 show game where he'd placed an old tractor in the corner of a field... An "anorak" soon appeared and advised him (in suitably nasal tones, one imagines) that the tractor in question wasn't manufactured until at least 1951. :-D

    Look forward to seeing the campaign get off the ground.



  2. Yes we have all been the victim of 'that guy' Matt. My other favourite is the guy who does his own thing in the face of a mountain of evidence to the contrary. The green/black zebra type camo on some German tanks I saw recently is a prime example.