Monday, 20 June 2016

Drafty in ere Sarge!

My last (for the time being) house has now been completed, despite not heeding the instructions and testing the build beforehand it has gone up well and I am chuffed, I am especially happy with the brick rubble which is an excellent product. I am going to add the same kind of base to my burned out house as well. I hope to get a game at home in the next month or so in order that I can get all my terrain and troops out in one fell swoop, there is simply too much of it to take safely to the club on a Tuesday night. The missus is again expressing concerns on just where all this stuff will be stored, however I am slowly taking over the Post Office in expectation of the day it closes.

I have completed another map project just fifteen minutes ago, I am now awaiting a new one on the Mongols which should be in by the end of the day, so with a completely spare afternoon, something I now don't get many of I am getting on with a ton of bits and pieces. I have begun to get some pin markers ready for Bolt Action, a load of Dark Age troops are sitting on the sidelines for re-flocking however they are getting left until tonight as I am home alone. I also want to get my thoughts on my Bolt Action mini campaign on paper, in fact I am off to do that right now, I'll cut that new building base out before dinner.

Gommecourt, 1915

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