Thursday, 16 February 2017

On Track

Home alone until tomorrow, the missus has been away all week, so I have painted all my figures, no of course I haven't, but despite losing a few days at the weekend battling in Caen and on the plains of Gaul I have now got my Goth Bucellarii/Nobles complete. I am very pleased with them and they look exactly as I had pictured them, tough, well dressed, armoured cavalry, I am uncertain whether I will add normal Goth cavalry but at the moment this troop will do very well.

I may be taking the Patrician Roman's to the club on Tuesday so I have been painting some Christian types for Intervention Points as the Church was beginning to get a hold on the hierarchy of the Empire at this period. Along with these I have Senior and Junior Roman commanders and the Goth chieftain, who would have some kind of Roman military title as they enjoyed these and it enhanced their prestige with their own people. They are at the varnishing stage at the moment.

I now only have three more units in the lead pile, more Goth infantry and the Huns/Alan cavalry, I am going to take an hour or so later to get some nomad cavalry ready for the tray, I do seem to be racing ahead with these guys, they were supposed to last me until the summer.

I was given my wife's old iPad when I bought her a new mini last Christmas, and I have struggled with the thing ever since, god knows how much rubbish is on it and it takes several pressings of the button to change pages and some pages take forever to load. Yesterday I had had enough, I bought myself a mini and it arrived today, in fact I have got it up and running and will spend some time putting it the way I like this evening. You never need one of these technical marvels until you get one then it seems to become an extra arm. I check my emails on it and follow several writers that have the same view of the world as I do but articulate it better, at the same time I took out a subscription to The Spectator so I receive a digital copy as well as the written word and an archive going back to 1864ish.

I am unsure however of where I will find the time to read it, I had to shelve a large map project for a priority one only to have that too shelved for a more priority one(?). I also took almost three hours to complete a map yesterday only to press the wrong button and the thing disappeared into that vast recycle bin in the sky, I was not amused and it took the shine off buying the iPad. Looking on the bright side the work will put the Anderson Map Fortune back in the black.


  1. Neat looking unit there, very regal looking.

    PS. Isn't technology wonderful ;~)

  2. Nice work. I am using the Blog Touch Pro app on the iPad to manage all of my blogging. Might be worth you having it on your tablet for those times that you want to blog on the move.

    The only problem I have had is that it sets the date when you first start your draft, so when you come to actually post, it thinks it is say, 5 days old and that mean it emerges quite far down peoples blog readers lists.

    The work-around is to prepare your draft in Pages - then on the day you want to publish, paste into the app and then format for bold / headings etc and drag your pictures in.

    It all became second nature for me as a move to a new place left me 7 months without a phone line / internet connection (thank you Open Reach!) and so all my blogging was done in an internet café.

    1. Thanks for the tip Norm, I will look into it.

  3. Nice brushwork sir! Good luck with the mapping ;o)

    1. Doing my head in at the moment, it all seems to be hurry up and wait.