Sunday, 26 February 2017

View From The Window

Miserable morning, I am guessing this as I am doing my write up a day early as once again my PC is at the doctors and I am not sitting in a freezing, empty Post Office in my dressing gown on a Sunday morning. Storm Doris was kind to us here and apart from some rain everything is normal, once again our Brigadoon existence has saved us from the worst.

I was sitting in the Dentist's waiting room earlier in the week and amongst the women's magazines and the usual golf and motoring stuff, on the that subject it's the same with cards for men, why do they think we are all sportsmen, car fanatics or drunks, anyway I noticed a National Geographic and thought it would pass a few minutes, big mistake. I used to love picking these up as there was nearly always something on lost cities, empires or ancient civilisations, this one was all about, wait for it, gender! I am way out of touch on this subject, there were about ten people (all under 20) on the cover and each, according to the magazine was a different gender, ten of them and not just the usual suspects, some I had no idea existed. Some of the more eh, unusual people/person/whatever were dropped from the final cover, like the two at each end, why I wonder.

Words fail me, none of these people are male or female it would seem.

It is a week for being upset, someone, and I mean one person, complained about a T-Shirt on sale at Primark which had a design which, although to me of dubious taste, would only mean something to a fan of the TV series "The Walking Dead", but of course the store immediately took the offending article off the shelves, it has no doubt now become very popular and a collectors item. One that slipped past me involves the town just down the road, Carnforth. Carnforth holds on grimly to its fifteen minutes of fame when the station was used as a set on the film "Brief Encounter" the most important part of which was the clock on the station. The clock was tracked down, refurbished and presented to the station of which parts are now a heritage site, anyway, an old guy has been winding it up weekly for years, that is until someone waiting for a train listened in to a conversation he was having with a mate and accused him of racism. He was promptly dumped and told he could no longer set foot on heritage owned parts of the station, now the most hypocritical thing about this is that the people who dumped him, by letter, put the tools for winding the clock outwith their protected territory and expected the guy therefore to continue to wind the clock up!

Free speech but bad taste.

Champagne socialist Shami Chakrabarti, sorry Dame Chakrabarti, amazing how all these people who make the establishments lives a misery always seem to end up a part of it, was on Question Time a wee while back and disgusted me by basically saying that Joe Cox the MP's murder was a hate crime inspired by Brexit despite the guy being simply a mental case. She has been peddling this nonsense for a lot longer than everyone else and continues to do so. I had no idea who Joe Cox was and I was appalled at the way she died but I do wonder at the upcoming celebrations and bake off's.

Social Justice Warrior comes good.

Protestors, aren't you just sick of them and when did you last see a bunch of them get their way, the Greenham Common mob sat there for years and got nowhere, Donald Trump is the president, shout as much as you like, the EU is being kissed goodbye, end of. Maybe I should protest the protestors, and it always seems to be the same crowd, the kind of people you really wouldn't want to run your Parish council never mind make decisions affecting energy, government, defence or who runs the place.

A thought hit me the other day when several people brought in Amazon returns to me, they get sent to Scotland, a nation which once was a vital cog in the machinery of empire, which built a great number of the worlds ships, exported steel, built locomotives, battleships and gave the world many of its most successful inventions and now, its a collection point for unwanted parcels.

However there is one piece of good news, for me at least, a big spoonful of 'I told you so'. Ronnie Fiddler aka Jamal Udeen Al-Harith was a terrorist all along and has blown himself up in Syria, I do hope that it was only himself and not his intended target although I am unsure from the news which it is. You must remember all the goodie two-shoes jumping up and down about the unfair treatment Ronnie and his mates were getting in Guantanamo, how they were completely innocent and merely backpackers in Afghanistan, yes I have trouble with that as well. How the government of the day, they seem unsure of who that was for some reason, folded to the clamour and brought these British boys back home and gave them £20,000,000 to resettle. Now the same media outlets, the BBC in the lead as usual, are gleefully trying to hang the government for doing what they pushed for years ago.

Ronnie laughing all the way to the bank.

You would be forgiven if you watched the news last night for thinking the main story was that UKIP were 'defeated' in a by-election and the Tories won one. And here was me under the impression that you can't be defeated in an election unless you are the incumbent and that the Labour party lost a seat it has held since 1935. Not so much fake news as cherry picking news.

Oh, it is a miserable day, dry at the moment but..............


  1. Another good one George, the Carnforth one is most amusing. Shot in the foot there, and of course the person who complained was pure as the driven snow, was going to say whiter than white but not sure if it's allowed, don't wish to appear racist in anyway.

    1. Carnforth is just down the road, the real world is getting closer.

  2. LOL! Your are really really grumpy today... apropos of absolutely nothing (and that does seem to be my favourite phrase at the moment), while I couldn't agree more re. Ronnie other than that the fact that it would have been better if he'd done it sooner, your comment re. buffoon Trump while true, yes he is the president, implies we should therefore do nothing... a laughable extreme, but Hitler was Chancellor, duly elected and all that, should we have done nothing then either??

    1. But we did do nothing - until Germany invaded a country with which we had treaty obligations. I really don't think Donald is going to invade anywhere so perhaps we (or just the BBC) should shut up and let a democratic country get on with its own business.

  3. Grump on George! It does us all good!

  4. Looking forward to the Luvvies frothing at the mouth at the Oscars.

  5. Enjoyable as ever, Mr Anderson, but mere grumpyness isn't very far long the path to becoming truly bitter and twisted. Must try harder . . . .

    Like you, I'm bewildered about the new sexuality vogue. I thought I was all about with this: males, females, transgender and that was it aside from sexual preference which is another thing (I think). This latest malarkey had got me stumped and, to be honest, I get the impression we're pandering to the whims of a microscopic minority who need to get a grip (not literally though, for God's sake!).

    As for getting a grip, Mrs Chakrabati is just a chancer who's freeloading on the back of the very system she's spent her life criticising. Fair to say though that, after a dozen years or so whiling away the time at Liberty (not the haberdashers) and banking TV appearance fees, she's forged (literally?) herself a new career armed only with a bucket of whitewash, a four inch brush and a list of 'the dog ate my homework' excuses for a certain MP for Islington North.

    Ronnie Fiddler? No great loss, but can we have our money back? I'm sorry for those he injured when he went out with a bang, but were they aware they were attacked by such a talented man? Took me a while to find this again, but the 'Global Jihad' site has this headline:"JAMAL UDEEN AL HARITH BLEW HIMSELF IN IRAQ".

    1. It is taking me a long time then, as I have been grumpy for years, so I am not going to change now. I liked the Ronnie headline.