Sunday, 5 February 2017

View From The Window

Here's one I prepared earlier. I am off to York today for the Vapnartak show, there is nothing I actually need but I am going with an open mind, I may pick up the odd terrain piece but that's it. The John Doe storm did not appear, I have no idea what its real name is as no one apart from the weather people seems to care, or perhaps now that we are in to February they have run out of letters, in fact we have had a couple of mild days and yesterday there was some sunshine.

Talking about sunshine I see the odious ambulance chaser Phil Shiner has been struck off. It was sickening to watch the media, who were more than happy to interview him and drag the reputation of the Army through the mud, as well as point their fingers at the veterans and officers who stood up for the squaddies do a u-turn with faux shock. It was particularly galling for me to listen to the Defence Secretary standing up for the troops, the same Defence Secretary who even now is allowing soldiers to be hounded by Shiner's even more odious Northern Ireland counterpart and terrorist lawyer Mr. McGrory.

 I have signed the petition to allow Donald Trump into the UK, not because I am particularly interested in having him here but because I do not usually get a chance to hit back at the snowflakes of this world. We all know the petitions are a waste of time whichever one you sign, but there may just be some hope for the 'don't let him in' crowd on the horizon. Gateshead Council have tabled an 'emergency' measure not to allow him on any council sites should he take a detour from meeting the Queen and decide to go north for a bamcake. And which political giants rule Gateshead with such authority and stupidity, yes, the Liberal Democrats.

Clear off bonny lad.

 This leads me on to the snowflake Methodist minister who, to salve his conscience over the bombing of Yemen by the Saudi's decided with his mate to break in to BAE Systems Warton (not this one), with a suitably marked hammer just like the bombs we used to send to Germany only his didn't say 'eat lead Adolf'. His mission impossible was so incompetent he didn't get near a plane to do any damage, however if you tried to break in to such an establishment and damage an aircraft worth a zillion pounds how many years would it be before you saw daylight again? Well the padre is out and about tending to his flock and I will bet my savings he will never do community service never mind some real porridge. I am sure the Yemeni's will appreciate his efforts and of course his sanctimonious conscience is safe.

Bang 'im up.

It's a bit of a snowstorm today, what about PETA, you remember, the people who threw paint on fur coats and went naked to convince us not to wear fur, well the four supermodels did the ugly ones on the committee didn't, I see on their site they also urge us not to eat animals either, just as well they weren't around several thousand years ago or only the animals would be here. Anyway I digress, PETA have written to Games Workshop who produce the figures for games in the year 40,000 asking them to stop putting 'fur' on the soldiers as it would be even more unethical in that time. The best answer I saw amongst the chorus of disbelief was that there was no need for PETA to worry as it was fake fur!

What did the Romans ever do for us.

I will spare you my thoughts on President Trump's 'ban' on Moslems, but the reaction of the luvvies at the Screen Actors Guild Awards required several family sized buckets to be within reach. Kerry Washington, no me neither, said it best when she said 'actors embody the worth and humanity of all people' and there was me thinking they were in entertainment for the fame and money. Then there was a dizzy blonde who said that the actors would put everything right, then suddenly remembered the rest of us and graciously said we could help as well. Have you noticed that vocal feminist actresses demanding they too are actors are quite prepared to take the prize for best actress? At the end of the day you are an actor/actress which means you cannot possibly be taken seriously as you live in a world of make believe on set and off.

Gabor Hegedus a Hungarian was charged with the following after mowing down two girls with his car; conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, driving without a licence, failing to stop after a collision, failing to report the collision and two counts of dangerous driving. Yes, he is pleading not guilty to the last two, despite the former charges all pointing to his guilt in the latter two.

Bang 'im up 2.

The news proudly, well reluctantly, reported that the economy was doing well last night and that the consumers were seemingly not bothered a whit about Brexit, not on the high street at least, but of course it could not be left at that. On shuffled Ahmed Kamal the BBC's harbinger of doom, here comes the 'but' I said to the missus, sure enough off he went. Savings were down, have been for years mate, the figures may be up but not by very much and they may go down again, yeah but you said they would only go down, he grudgingly gave the good news but always left with a 'but' and a dire warning.
And now for the bad news.


  1. The usual splendid take on C21st life. Always raises my spirits to read your views. Your window must be very similar to mine...

  2. I always think I am going to run out of steam but just when you think you have heard it all up pops another, I really do wonder at times.

    A miss next Sunday as I have friends up for a couple of days wargaming.