Monday, 8 May 2017

Missed Out

While away on holiday I missed another War and Conquest gaming weekend in Newark, I actually thought I would motor down yesterday for the day but after 1,000 miles in the Highlands I decided another six hour round trip was a trip too far.

I have seen scores of pictures of the event and, despite the small numbers it was another successful two days of gaming. Also at the moment it would seem there will indeed be another weekend in November for which I have already cleared my calender. Looking at the pictures I see that over the last wee while some players have started using massed archery, if on target this can be quite devastating, if on the other hand you fall out with the dice gods or the unit has to move it is less so. It would seem though that I now need more archers to always have that choice with three of my armies, it never ends.

I am travelling again this weekend down to Jenny's in Somerset for my own WAC weekend, Phil is organising the games. The Twelfth hopefully will be enforcing civilisation on the Celts and Germans while the next day the Patricians will be trying to maintain the Empire in the West.

So, without more ado here are some pictures from the two days battling.

Carolingians vs Vikings (Stewart and Jenny)

Republican Romans (Gary)

Romano-British civil war (Michael and Dave)

Saxons vs Vikings (Trevor and Jenny)

Some of 1st Corps Romano-British/Late Roman cavalry (Michael)

12th C English vs Carolingians (Michael and Stewart)

Carolingians vs Late Roman (Stewart and Gary)

Not looking good for the Black Horse.


  1. It was a great weekend George. Although there weren't so many there on this occasion, there were some terrific games, using beautifully painted armies. Congratulations to Dave who won the event, Jenny for having the best painted army and a big thank you to Michael and Simon at 1st Corps for sponsoring the weekend. Looking forward to the next one in November !!

  2. More Romans! I told you it never ends...