Monday 5 February 2024

Somebody stop me.

 Club night and Chain of Command, Rob was taking Germans and I British, I went into WWII wargaming with two feet quite some years ago and wanted to use the British as my patriotism increased the more old Blighty was denigrated. Due to circumstances beyond my control I usually had to play the baddies, so this was an opportunity for me, I also played the good guys last week if you remember.

I was the attacker and for a moment thought of bringing along a Crusader AA MkII as I knew Rob did not have the points for any armour and this machine was an infantry killer, but then my heritage of fair play came to the fore and instead I brought an extra infantry squad and an MMG. Rob had three squads and his support was a Panzerknacker squad, no I don't know either, unlucky for Rob I had no armour but the support also came with an LMG so not a total waste.

Rob deployed first and brought two squads to the front and immediately put them on overwatch, I therefore put men on my far right to avoid these with the intention of outflanking the Boche, my MMG covered the enemy Jump Off Point on that side so it would be a brave Jerry who turned up there. I wanted to win the firefight with sheer numbers, so deployed two squads in the centre, to aid me I also popped smoke down in front of the Jerry LMG squad. Rob countered my flanking move with his third squad in a large building protecting his exposed flank. As his casualties mounted in the centre he withdrew the rifle team into a nearby building leaving the poor LMG crew cowering behind the smoke. Rob then threw three sixes and the turn ended, so the overwatch markers and smoke came off and I got my chance, I put two squads in the centre of my line and opened up on the enemy opposite and the LMG team headed for Berlin.

British build a firebase.

British moving to outflank the German left.

My left flank now looked very vulnerable as I concentrated on the right, I could see from Rob's face that he calculated that my three squads were now all engaged and because of this he could move on my left, kill off the annoying mortar team and capture one of my JOP's. As his men moved out I sprung my surprise and down went my fourth squad behind a stone wall, with the hard cover I began to get the upper hand in the firefight and the enemy suffered large quantities of shock. The German right and centre were in big trouble and were about to break as the plucky British became more daring and advanced to short range, Rob withdrew.

German left under pressure.

A good game and always a pleasure to fight against Rob. We fought across the long sides of the table and I prefer along the shorter sides when playing CoC it just seems to work better, once again I say if you play CoC I recommend you do a campaign. 

Not a lot of other activity going on apart from mapping, all of a sudden I have half a dozen projects in the queue. I have managed to complete one of the two cavalry units I salvaged from Dan's old Wars of the Roses collection, these will do as second ranks for Gendarmes or as stand alone heavy/light cavalry for the Italian Wars, I have just primed the second unit after a Dettol dip, boy that stuff stinks. That leaves three artillery pieces and some intriguing figures including a lovely little Jester.

I have just finished the Silo trilogy after watching the excellent (so far) TV series as I could not wait a year or more for the second episode. The first book I already knew what was happening, the second was supposed to enlighten the reader as to why the human race were inside Silos, I am still not 100% sure I got that, but the third book was a very exciting read, I finished the lot in about three weeks, and that is quick going for me these days. I am now on to the Fall of Singapore, the author has made two mistakes in his history so far, one serious, so that puts a doubt in my mind as to whether I can rely on the story, we will see.

And talking of stories I have started watching Masters of the Air, I am usually unkind to historical dramas and documentaries but I watched a couple of Videos from Woody at WW2TV and have decided to try and not be critical but just enjoy the show, I have managed this so far. OK, yes, I pointed out to the missus that civilians and kids would not be allowed to run around a WW2 airfield but that is nit picking, and she didn't blink an eye anyway. The memsahib has expressed interest in Netflix's Alexander the Great so I recommended the Colin Farrell movie as being more realistic, yes, I suspect it is that bad.

So, Italian Wars at the club tomorrow in 15mm with Dan's armies and a visit to Matt in Penrith on Wednesday, its been awhile but we have both had things to sort out in Real Life, I am looking forward to it.

Oh, the work on the War Room continues, it has been emptied and the floor leveled.


  1. It appears the dice gods prefer you to play the good guys looking at recent results. The room looks to be on a war footing now🙂

  2. Good stuff George and the gaming room looking like real progress 👍

    1. Can’t complain about the builders so far, they never stop.

  3. The Warton War Room is on a firm footing now!

    1. Level footing at last, 8” at one end 4” at the other, one end of table should have been uphill!