Thursday, 8 January 2015

New Project and Phones

There are several wargaming periods which I like but have never done anything about i.e. The Italian Wars, English Civil War and some others which escape me for the moment. The Dark Ages until Dux Britanniarum was one of those periods, and from playing that game I have moved to bigger battles with War & Conquest. Having looked at the whole period from 450 - 1066AD there are several battles which stir the imagination, to that end I have decided to look at doing a scenario book for large battles and adding it to the Potomac Publications stable on Wargame Vault. It is not easy as many of these battles are known only by name or that some king or other died there, in many instances no one even knows where they were fought. This aside, snippets can be found which we wargamers can build on to provide an evening or afternoons entertainment, I have also decided to keep it small, ten battles should do it. Here is a taste, the draft map for Brunanburh, a pivotal conflict from 973AD.

Now to the phone part, ever wonder why, when you phone some outfit and are told your call is important but you have to wait while your brain is turned to mush by some music you have never heard, that you never find them on a quiet period, or an open line, your are never first, you always have to wait!

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