Monday, 12 January 2015

Tax Collectors Coach

 I wrote a scenario to add to my collection for Dux Britanniarum which involved a tax collector. The gentleman in question is collecting his dues from a surly lot of villagers who do not have access to online, when up pops the local commander and a bunch of marauding Saxons. Said fat cat immediately hides while the others race for the spoils. Anyway, this Roman Travelling Coach from Warlord Games was too good to pass up for my financial wizard, so I added it to my Christmas list.

Coach and 'stuff' primed and ready, notice collectors table and chest.


Local worthy checking who pays what, with trophy wife checking make up.
 I will have to work on my photography, but my house does not have a lot of light and it is way too cold and wet to take such precious pieces outside. The driver by the way bears an uncanny resemblance to the Emperor Palpatine(?) from Star Wars. I will be back at the painting table this week once I prime a large Saxon warband for hire by my Romano-British warlord, come to think of it, the tax collector turned up just in time.


  1. Thanks. I got a bit carried away and thought I knew better then the instructions, it's not the USS Forrestal after all, so I actually cut off the traces which should meet up with the horses backsides and threw them away.