Thursday, 29 January 2015


At some point this afternoon I reached 1,000 hits, so thank you to all who have made an effort to read my musings. If you peruse the Members section you will see that Jeremy Clarkson is my newest follower. I like Clarkson, but have no time for his sidekicks, Guinea Pig and the one who is reliving the '70's, I was there, it was no fun, like the 'swinging sixties' with all that free love, I looked, again nada. He is one of my 'go to' professional moaners along with Richard Littlejohn and Rod Liddle, the latter being my all time favourite, I don't always agree with them and don't always remember to look them up, but now and again they hit the spot.
I was going to set a game up today, but just when you think you'll never be asked to draw another map of Smolensk in 1941, along comes a request. It was like that last year with Normandy, you could drop me blindfolded from a Dakota and I would find my way to Sword beach.
Anyway, what has all this to do with wargaming, nothing, but I am intending to go to Vapnartak on Sunday to pick up a few things I 'need', things I will not be able to live without, all wargame related of course. The journey could be in danger if this weather keeps up however, so if it doesn't happen, then there will be a battle report.


  1. Very funny! Congratulations on 1000 hits! I am sure there will be many more as you have an excellent writing style. Actually, I have spent some time with James May (his brother was a teacher at my son's school) and he is the only one of the three who would appreciate the world of wargames!

    1. Warning, mutual backslapping coming up. I read your blogs last night and passed a very pleasant hour and a half, I especially enjoyed your food and wine segment. 800 bottles of first rate wine, I though 24ish plus an aging bottle of port was heaven. I shall join as soon as I get on my real PC upstairs.