Saturday, 10 January 2015

What else?

50+ years of wargaming and all we get is the Dark Ages? Well no, I thought I ought to give a more balanced view of my passion for wargaming. I also have both fleets which fought at Jutland in 1916, 1/1200 if memory serves me correctly or it may be 1/2400, they are really small with a battleship about two inches long, I really need to get an up to date set of rules for these and set sail again at some point. Next is WWI again, Wings of War(Glory) with 50+ aircraft covering ground attack, bombers, reconnaissance, scouts and balloons, all of which I repainted as there always seemed to be a better colour scheme than the one the aircraft originally came with. I did have four medieval armies as this was my first love but I sold them last year and I can still see them in the boot of the buyers car as it sped away into the distance, it was like I had just sold my children. I still have men to fight medieval games however, as I am left with a large number of Wars of the Roses (Poleaxed) contingents. I have a huge ACW collection in 15mm with which I use Johnny Reb II on the premise that if it isn't broke, don't fix it. Despite finding opponents a rarity I jumped into Dead Man's Hand with both feet and have a pretty decent collection of gunslingers and a town which, against the cliche, is actually big enough, too big really as you don't need a lot of buildings for this game. Then came Star Wars X-Wing, ostensibly to give my son an opponent, but now, with two carrying cases full of starships, a galaxy too far. Thankfully you cannot find divorce lawyers in the yellow pages, which is what my wife would be reaching for if she realised what building a Roman army and one to fight against it actually entailed, in hard cash, time and effort and room to store them. Oh, I nearly forgot, I also have two ACW fleets in 1/600 (Smoke on the Water). You can take the sailor out of the sea but not the sea out of the sailor (ex-RN, when we actually had a navy, but that's enough of that).

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