Monday, 5 January 2015


No point in making any normal resolutions because I never keep to them, lose weight, exercise, drink less etc. I have made some wargaming resolutions though. The big one is to build a 3rd Century Roman army after I complete my two Dark Age armies, two reasons here, every wargamer wants a Roman army at some stage and this one will allow me to compete in any Ancient War and Conquest tournaments rather than confining myself to the Dark Ages. Of course they will need someone to fight, so it will be Sassanid Persians for 2016! I have also decided to look at doing a Dark Ages scenario booklet, originally it was going to be small scale skirmish as there seems to be no support coming for Dux Britanniarum apart form the original six scenarios, but I have now decided to look at large battles. What else, well I still need to find someone who can come to the house and fight on a semi regular basis, not holding my breath there though, I do want to attend any W&C events at Newark and possibly further afield. Why am I doing this when there are countless wargaming blogs out there, why not.


  1. Perhaps you can get that old geezer you hang out with at the pub to play?

    1. As he makes a supreme effort to get to the pub, I cannot ask for more!