Saturday, 17 January 2015

Superstitious Moi?

As much as I admire Napoleon I have never been able to get into Napoleonics, my first brush with them was in the Navy, two guys had armies the like of which I had never seen and have never forgot, but despite dropping tons of hints I was never invited to play, I can almost hear the gasps of disbelief, but I got over it. I have heard that when getting ready to promote a new officer, Napoleon always asked "is he lucky". How lucky do you feel when you play, I readily forget all the times I get away with plus whatever, or draw that 'kill everyone you contact' card and instead dwell on "if only that had been a three' or something similar.
I once fought a battle many moons ago, which just goes to show you how bitter I can be, when a bunch of elephants were charged by my French Ribauds, I glibly remarked "only three ones can lose this", but my maths were out, as three two's had the same result. Have you ever took great pleasure and extra care in painting up that unit of Imperial Guard, Iron Brigade, Comitatus or Stormtroopers, ceremoniously adding the banner at the last moment before they join the rest of the army. You then give them pride of place in the line, charge them in, downhill, impetuous, every plus in the book behind them, only to get that dark cloud start to come over you, everything slows down, the dice leave your hand, gracefully arc to the table, you just know what's coming, your guys come to a complete halt or worse, are defeated by a bunch of badly painted nobody's and run.
I have an Iron Brigade which runs at the sight of a gray uniform and whom I always have doubts about but I also have my very first ACW unit, the 44th New York which will fight even if down to the regimental mascot. I once had a French knight, the Comte de Alencon whom even my opponents would espy on the table and keep away from.Why is that, they are just metal after all?

Now here is crazy, each army has its own dice and I do not like to use a different colour with them, I had to replace the yellow dice as they are useless (?), and as other people had normal colours I had to get velvet black and teal so I did not inadvertently pick up someone elses. What colour is teal anyway?


  1. "the dice leave your hand, gracefully arc to the table"... I know exactly what you mean! This is my entire gaming life. Does get me down from time to time.

  2. Superb armies, a wife who paints and wargames and still you want to win, throw an extra goat on the fire, maybe that will please the dice gods.