Sunday, 11 January 2015

Wargame Weekend

My son managed to tear himself away from Real Life to come over for a couple of games, I had wanted to do a couple of battles but what with travelling and having to eat and visit the pub, we compromised and went with W&C for Saturday afternoon and X-Wing on Sunday morning. My days of wargaming into the wee small hours are over.
We took 2000 point armies, Stewart the Early Saxons, and me my beloved Romano-British. Nothing spectacular about the layout, a wall of warriors each with some 'chancers' on one of the flanks, we had both chosen the same one, me cavalry and him Franks. I had to kill off the enemy elites to win my objective, so I went straight for his Gedriht which were opposite my Comitatus troops, hoping for a quick victory.

Straight forward deployment, the Franks are behind the tree up on the left.
British battle line.

Saxon battle line.

The lines clash.
 Stewart's skirmishers have retreated behind his line while mine failed a glancing attack on the Geoguth warband in the foreground, my Pedyt's with the help of the good Bishop eventually routed this unit. In the centre my other troops wait, hoping the Comitatus can destroy the Gedriht, both leaders were in the centre of the fight here, Aelfrith the Saxon receiving a slash on his left thigh. Way over on my left the Franks keep pushing my archers but never quite catching them, while my cavalry hold back remaining a threat so that the Franks do not flank my line.
To the last man!
 Having no experts on hand I am not sure we completed this combat correctly, this is the situation on the last move as the Comitatus killed off five men to leave one companion along with his chief and standard bearer.  It was almost impossible to shift these elite troops with their respective leaders in the front line due to the high morale, so instead there was immense slaughter. Stewart called time and we toted the points up, he was ten in front, giving him the win. However, I have an appeal waiting in the wings, if Aelfrith's men were lifted off as being under minimum numbers would he have been captured, or limped away with that gamy leg, my men too exhausted to bovver? Anyway, the Recrimination Phase in the pub passed uneventfully.
Dum, dum, dum, dumda dum.
The X-Wing game involved several of the new ships as Stewart wanted to see what they were like before he fights any more tournaments. I readily admit I am rubbish at this, but it is an excellent, clever game and good fun. It also allows you to buy loads of lovely little spaceships, and yes, I went ahead and repainted mine, the Firespray (red and white ship) in the picture is a personalised ship for the female ace, Kath Scarlett, the others are Stewart's, straight out of the box. I managed to take out the large vessel but lady luck was with Miss Scarlett as she put paid to my remaining ship in very short order at the end.
All told a good couple of days fighting.

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