Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Blog Help

OK, I have spent over an hour working on Pages, at the moment I want two, one for scenarios and the other for reviews of books and films I read or watch. I do not want the posts in either of those pages repeated on my Home page, so how do I stop that, while I am at it, how do I get rid of the white border on my pictures. You can almost picture me grating my teeth here.

You know those movies/shows where they break into someone's office or some secret establishment, find the PC turned on, pop in the password (when was the last time you did that without having to check on the secret page of A4 hidden in the second book from the left, along with all your internet banking details), and can go straight to the folder/file they want, then download it while the police/security are heading up the stairs, finishing with just enough nanoseconds left to leave and appear forty miles away. Well it's all rubbish! It has taken me almost an hour and a half to put two pages on Blogger, which work, but not the way I want.

I apologise if this has caused any inconvenience to anyone trying to read something this morning. If anyone does have a blog and can help then I would be grateful if you would enlighten me and save me going greyer than I am.

No, the white flag is up, perhaps I am wrong but the static pages are not meant to be updated or at least added to, and if they are it is far too complex for me, I even managed to wipe out the Tax Collector scenario, but that will be back soon (I hope).

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  1. Right! No idea about pages as I always try to keep things simple. I do know how to remove borders from pictures but it is tricky as you have to change the background code of your template. There are no button pushing ways to do it.

    This is a good guide


    Go down to the third item "Remove border and shadow from all images".

    When you go into the html in "design" "template" "edit html" just bear in mind that not all code is displayed. You will have to click the top little black arrow on the left to display the hidden lines (you can see by the numbering on the far left how much is hidden). You will then have to scroll down until you find the section he describes. It is quite hard to spot. I copied it into word and then searched "image" to help find the relevant section in the code.

    Once I had found the section of codehe suggested I removed it and replaced it with his new code and it worked perfectly. (when I remove any code I always paste it on to a word document so if it all goes wrong I can replace it again).

    Good luck