Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Muskets & Tomahawks

After a fraught day trying to do things on Blogger which it doesn't do, or not the way I wanted, I eventually escaped to the club. My friend Andy organised the game so all I had to do was turn up, which is nice as opposed to stuffing boxes in the car and then spending X amount of time setting up, that was all down to Andy. The game was Muskets and Tomahawks, something I had only played once before, I had to defend a small village against the Frenchies, with one third of my force off table. It turned out to be a very pleasant evenings gaming, a skirmish type game again, not a lot of forces but those on the table did look good and the game played easily enough, if I did not have so much on my plate I could definitely be persuaded to invest in this game. As it is, Andy and some others have more than enough troops and we should be playing again next week, albeit a multiplayer this time. A card activation game but one which allows everyone a move, unlike the CoC game on another table where a Sherman tank moved a total of perhaps eight inches in over two hours gaming.

The British make ready.

Those Indians are in for a shock.

The Frenchies about to give up.
Of the game itself Andy came up against a prepared defence along the fence and the 'men of the match,' my Indians, holding the edge of a small wood, these guys handed out great slaughter to their counterparts and the French regulars who were approaching along an open track. As casualties mounted it became obvious the French could not sustain their attack and they either ran away or withdrew. My pictures do not do the figures justice, the Indians especially were beautifully painted.

My thanks to the Legatus for his information concerning the Blog, I shall get around to trying it out at some point in the next few days.

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