Sunday, 22 February 2015

Unforgiven, Dead Man's Hand AAR

I worked up two scenarios for this afternoon based loosely on Clint Eastwood's masterpiece of a western, "Unforgiven". The gist of the story for anyone who has not seen the film is that a number of whores have offered a reward to anyone who will kill two cowboys who assaulted one of their number and cut her with a knife. William Munny, a fearsome killer needs the money, and comes out of what passes for retirement for reformed killers, to do the deed. In the scenario the cowboys are protecting their friends in a local saloon, the Sheriff gathers a small posse knowing there is trouble brewing, there are two groups of assassins moving in from the edges of town. Unfortunately there was only one player for the killers so they worked in tandem rather than against each other.

The cowboys decided to make for the livery stable at the opposite end of town to find horses to make a getaway rather than be caught in the saloon, one of their number climbed on the roof and took potshots at Munny's gang, he was a lousy shot. English Bob took all his men towards Munny at the north end of town, except Pecos Pete who was left in the livery stable. The Law followed them. Perhaps the cowboy rearguard fooled Munny but he and English Bob decided to occupy the Undertakers across from the Lucky Aces rather than follow their targets. Little Bill and his fearless group which included the disturbing, but effective bar owner, Skinny Dubois, threw caution to the wind and closed with the desperado's. Skinny and Little Bill proved deadly shots and the killers fell one by one, although he lost his two deputies Bill sent Munny to his grave with a point blank shot through the undertakers window. While this was going on the Cowboys had arrived at the stable and eventually killed Pete, who could have used his shotgun as a club with more effect than shooting. Sadly for them there were no horses available so they decided to make for the sound of gunfire. The two remaining assassins bailed out and headed for their horses tethered on the edge of town, El Loco, suffering a flesh wound, mounted and made his escape, English Bob managed to get to his horse but went down in a hail of lead. The cowboys killed two, the baddies two and Little Bill and Skinny accounted for four.

I had to quickly come up with the idea that the cowboys could make for the livery stable as I spotted that the cowboy player otherwise would sit in the saloon all game and do nothing. But just for fun we had a die roll once they had cleared the area to see if any horses were actually present, and then another roll would have determined how many, in the event there were none. I have a second scenario for three players which should prove even more interesting. Check the page above.

The Law move up Main Street, the Cowboys sneak around the back alleys and Pete stands guard at the Livery Stable door.

Skinny gives The Schofield Kid both barrels outside the Undertakers, while Little Bill backs him up.

The Cowboys about to rush the Livery Stable.

El Loco, the eventual lone survivor of the Desperado's shoots into the Undertakers yard.

Some of my Black Scorpion figures, these guys have a lot of character and are pure Hollywood.


  1. I'm zooming in on your photos - tell me about that black hearse and the tokens you are using instead of cards! That's pretty interesting - how do you use them and where did you get them?

    1. The Hearse is from Sarissa Precision, I added 'glass' and did not use the coffin as I thought it rather clunky. The 'card' tokens I designed and got a laser etching firm to cut them out for me, I wasn't orginally going to paint them but I did. They cost about £18 for a full deck, which to be honest I thought was OK. I had no sooner paid for them than Warbases brought out a set for £5, they are very nice but mine are simpler and deeper cut, so they can be seen better when painted. The tokens are chosen from a bag and placed on the figures. The real cards are used for the players hand. The overall look is better than having cards all over the buildings etc.

    2. Having thought about it, maybe it was two decks of 'cards' for the £18. Anyway I am sure I could get them cheaper now.