Sunday, 1 February 2015

Vapnartak, York

The weather was kind and it was a lovely day, a bit grim when we first got to Yorkshire, but the sun came out and it turned into a beautiful, fresh day, so much so that once I was inside the main stand all I wanted to do was divest myself of my outer garments as it was one giant glasshouse. Not quite as much as the gentleman last year, who stood at a nearby hotel window in the full bloom of nature and made me miss my left turn. Anyway, as much as the image haunts me I must forge ahead. It is a large show with many traders and games, some superb games into which had gone a lot of effort, much better than last year. I had turned up with what, for a Scotsman, was a small fortune, yes, more than a fiver, expecting to return without change. Sadly, Gripping Beast concentrated on Jugula and Saga, I am sure if I had asked before hand they would have brought the Welsh warband I was after, but I didn't, but never fear, due to the wonders of technology I expect them around Tuesday. I did pick up a couple of terrain pieces from the excellent Last Valley, magnetic paper and tape from Magnetic Displays and some casualty markers from Warbases. With time running out I desperately wanted to treat myself but found that no one had the new X-Wing ships and those that were on offer were far too expensive, I don't mind paying extra at a show to get something there and then, but these prices were taking the mick.

Wings of War (Glory)

A Lace Wars type of game, beautiful figures and terrain.

Curtey's Miniatures Dux Britanniarum tour de force.

Rorkes Drift.

One of several large, beautiful ships.

John Paul Jones and the Frenchies attack Leith, wonderful.
My meagre but necessary haul.
 I had a happy reunion with Curtey's Miniatures Michael and Simon, and their helper John, who I first met at the War and Conquest tournament last November, their Dark Age participation game was a treat to behold. I also met some other guys from my neck of the woods and coming up at some point during the year should be an X-Wing tourney, a Dead Man's Hand introduction game and a refight of Dogger Bank 1915. I have no doubt they will happen if we can keep the enthusiasm up.
Oh, and did I mention I got in for free, being over sixty does indeed have its advantages, I was slightly miffed at not having to prove it however and almost insisted I pay, but then my roots kicked in, the four quid was better in my pocket, och aye.


  1. Some nice looking games there. You were very restrained!

    1. I was indeed, but managed to get rid of £82 when I got back.