Thursday, 19 February 2015


A few posts back I part boasted that I, unlike most wargamers I know, do not have a lead mountain, never have had and probably never will, I do have a rather small box with about 15 unwanted, but just in case, figures. What I do is buy stuff that I need, but do not in the end use, a different thing entirely than buying a pile of metal and putting it aside. It started with Wings of War, a few planes is all anyone needs to play the game, especially someone who had to cajole his paperboys into playing along. No doubt that should have been flagged up as some kind of abuse, however, by the time my WoW phase was over I had some 50+ models; scouts, two-seaters, bombers, ground attack, balloons and a play mat hand crafted for me. Next it was X-Wing, same story, far too many starships, play mat, carrying cases and acrylic tokens, this joined Dead Man's Hand, I could just about make my own Western movie with what I have, you really only require a few buildings but I have the beginnings of a city.

War and Conquest, "Come on Down!" Dux Brit "Step on Up!" and it is not finished yet.

I opened Zombicide yesterday afternoon, I have since bought protective sleeves and made two card boxes. I only just held back from buying extra Zombies (never having even played the game), Army Painter Zombie paint set and cans of Zombie primer, the only thing stopping me was the fact I still have three or four units to add to my other armies. Also my finances are approaching the status of Greece. But the seed has been planted, it lies beside the Roman Army one which lies close to the Muskets and Tomahawks one.

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  1. George, you might not have a lead mountain (well done!) but you certainly have a big old list of stuff that you want to do - just like almost every other wargamer :o)
    Look forward to seeing more WaC and Dux Brit stuff.