Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Kill Tojo! An X-Wing AAR

Several people at the club have been given or bought X-Wing over Christmas, which is great for me as I don't have to wait until my son visits to play the game or futilely try and persuade my missus that it would be great fun to take a night off the iPad and play a real game. What is it with women and iPads? Anyway, although we had arranged a 1 vs 1 for last night, almost at the last minute it turned into a 2 vs 3. We could have played a scenario involving the Transport but as we had new players and I haven't really played the Transport we settled on a simple dogfight. The Transport you see has special rules. So I came up with the following; A particularly odious and vicious Imperial general was on his way to take up a new post on LV-426, and as the last part of his journey was by his personal shuttle the Rebels saw an opportunity to kill him and send a message to the Empire that no one was safe. The good thing about this scenario and the fact it was cobbled together in a couple of hours using the online Squad Builder, is that it gave us a chance to fly ships that normally never see the light of day and that the Squadrons were completely mixed up, well mostly.

The forces involved were one Imperial Shuttle with the General, along with two escort groups (100 points each), the Rebels turned up with three squadrons (80 points each), the Rebels aim was to shoot down the shuttle.

 The general arrives with Group 1 (mine) in close support, Group 2 being tardy in the rear.

 Group 2 in a dogfight with a Rebel squadron out on the left, while I was having success, and flying extremely frosty for me, against the right hand Rebels who came on piecemeal, the rest of the Rebels are lining up to the front of the Shuttle. The general quietly told his ADC to ready his escape pod at this point.

 Just as we thought the shuttle was going to take some concentrated fire, Luke Skywalker's flight decided to follow their Walmart Satnav's and point anywhere but at the shuttle.

Just as time was running out the Rebels lost several ships and the remainder were heavily damaged and would not make it home, apart from the X-Wings of course who had barely had their paint scratched and whose Lasers would not need cleaning when they did get home.

The game proved great fun and we had a hilarious time with some bantha, no, banter, throwing slurs at the cowardly general, our lack of flying ability, Luke's satnav and the poor rebel captive slammed up against the shuttle window as a human shield. Oh, and if anyone is worried that the general survived, I am sure LV-426 will put an end to him.

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