Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Club Night

I missed the club last week as I went to see comedian Kevin Bridges. My own experience with Mr. Bridges is that he is either great or rubbish and I have seen both sides, the last being great, hence we booked the tickets, sadly I did not get or ignored the pertinent information that it was a 'warm up' gig, so we got fifty minutes of Kevin practicing stuff people used to do in front of the mirror or with their mates or family before asking other people to pay for it, not that some of it wasn't funny. I am sure the real gig will be a big improvement, Mea Culpa.

Anyway as I have family over I wasn't expecting to get a free pass to the club last night, but I did, so I went. Simon had organised some games for our X-Wing campaign and as I had captured a Rebel pilot last time I got news of some containers the Rebels required and was able to ambush them with a slightly superior force. I had one Firespray 31 tooled up with a heavy laser cannon and an escort of four Tie fighters, the Rebels had four X-Wings, however they came on in two groups which gave me a further edge. The combination worked very well, the laser cannon destroyed the X-Wing's shields and the firepower of the Tie's usually ensured a quick kill. I saved three of the containers and found the parts to build a Y-Wing bomber and a new astro-mech in two of them and a pile of rotting food in the other. It was a very successful mission for the Empire. The other game involved an attack on two space factories which were churning out Tie fighters, bog standard without a paint job, even as they were under attack, it looked like a very interesting game, full marks to Simon for ingenuity.

The Imperials about to clean up.

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