Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Game Mats

I have been away for the weekend with my family and half of them will be staying with us off and on for the next couple of weeks, a week today I go under the knife for the operation which I should have had six months ago, but which was cancelled for all sorts of reasons. I will believe my trapped nerve is being fixed when I feel cold steel.

As I mentioned before I went away my mats arrived from the EU, it's good for something then, and very pleased I am with them. The main mat will be used mainly for my War & Conquest and Dux Britanniarum games at the moment and is 6' x 4', the material is very like a mouse mat and is fairly heavy and robust, it lays flat once rolled out with no curling corners, it is also non slip. Looking from above it has the appearance of a hill with slopes leading to rough ground in two corners, I am not a fan of the dark brown rough ground, the arid stuff is fine but the other seems out of place to me and the line is too sharp, if it blended in better it would look more realistic. I have just had a thought that perhaps it is meant to be a dry riverbed, now that I look at it it seems the likeliest explanation, no matter, it is something which can be lived with and given the overall quality it is a small, personal quibble.

 The mat laid out for a game.
 A close up with troops in place, pretty good if you ask me.

 Close up of the rocky area in top corner.
Space Mat.

I treated myself to the space mat for X-Wing as the one I have, although good quality, has to be tacked down and curls, this one doesn't.

I would highly recommend these mats for a quick, mobile and elegant battlefield, if you follow the blog you will have seen a picture of their desert mat, that is on my list of things I cannot live without, especially as I have decided my Romans will be based in the East. You can find them here Gamemat.


  1. George,
    Those mats look superb! The green one especially. Sadly I bought the gaming mats that are made from the sort of carpet you find in car boots. It looks ok, but is stiff, curls badly and hold crinkles like a b*st*rd.
    Good luck for the op. Hopefully you won't actually feel the cold steel. I know you're a tough Scot but I assume you'll be taking advantage of anaesthetic???

  2. This is completely different from the kind of mat you are talking about, I also have one and was not keen on it for Wings of War, it is like a huge sheet of sandpaper.

    I am taking a bullet to bite on Matt, that and a haggis sarnie, bring it on!