Friday, 8 May 2015

Wish Me Luck

Lovely day for a drive, I am leaving for the War & Conquest tournament near Loughborough this afternoon, the Batmobile is fuelled and ready to go. I am travelling lighter than normal as I have borrowed an army to take part as I do not have one at the moment which covers the Classical period, which suits me as I hate carrying too much luggage at the best of times.

On Saturday I fight against a Celtic army in the morning and a German Barbarian in the afternoon, on Sunday it is again Celts and Seleucids for the last game of the weekend. I have looked at my enemies and those savages have some nice stats in the lists so some hard fighting ahead, the effeminate Easterners frighten me in a different way. Having borrowed the Romans, my big thanks to Phil, I have a ready excuse for any disasters which may strike.

I cannot leave of course without mentioning the election, I did go and vote, it was pointless as the party I voted for had no chance but I felt they deserved it, so my future moaning is even more legitimate. Although I am no lover of the SNP I am ecstatic that they have kicked out the smug apparatchik in my old home town who thought he had a job for life, though with his years of dodgy contacts and survival instinct I am sure he won't have any difficulty finding another sinecure.

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