Saturday, 30 May 2015

Where's the Wargaming?

Actual wargaming is still on the back burner for now and believe me, I feel as frustrated as you do, after a glut of wargaming a couple of weekends ago I am now in gamers limbo. The family visit is almost finished and although they are away for a week, the upcoming club night is out as I should be recovering from surgery. I know you are bored with it, but I am milking this for everything I can get, I am going for an Oscar, "ow, ow, no you sit down dear, I'll get my own cold beer, ow, ow".

The roads have arrived! Were they worth the wait, probably, although as soon as I saw them I thought I should have got at least one more 3' straight length, I also thought the 90 degree turn a tad harsh for an old road, I tried to look online to see if I had missed a less tight turn but the site has been hacked and I could not get through. The point is moot anyway as I do not feel like waiting another ten weeks for something which in hindsight was a treat and not a necessity. They are fairly sturdy pieces but the actual edges I can see becoming crinkled, you can see one already if you look close, but this can be covered with lichen or small stones. I hope to get at least one good game in before I go on holiday in June so you can get the full effect of the mats and new terrain.

The new project is on track, I got my first bunch of bases yesterday, great turn around from Warbases as usual, and as usual I mucked it up and forgot a few close order bases which I needed to complete the order, back to the drawing board there. I have also been told by Keith at Aventine my order is on the way and should land on Monday, but with Parcelfarce you never know, I will then join the legions of wargamers with a lead mountain on standby.

Because I have chosen to base my Legion in the East I have been looking at the soil and general topography around ancient sites in the Middle East and have come up with my colour palette for dry, arid sand. I also bought some grass tufts and bushes to decorate the new bases, these are a tad expensive at nearly £4.00 a shot, however I find the tufts much better looking and easier to handle than the strip where you pull the stuff off with tweezers. Also the company I use, Model Scenery Supplies posts the order within an hour or so of getting my email, the product itself is from Footpath.

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