Sunday, 3 May 2015

View from the Window

Absolutely dreadful day, pouring with rain, yet there goes a dog walker, that's why I resist a dog, the missus wants one and I had to sign a pact in blood, my blood,  that she could get one when the shop closes, I am readying arguments against that as well. I won't feed it, clean it, walk it, it will be expensive, what happens with holidays and our granddaughters are terrified of dogs, good for a start eh?

Normally I would hole up here until the weather abates, but I am off to a rather fancy restaurant for Sunday Lunch dressed in my finest, we do this once a year with friends to celebrate all our birthdays as they fall around the same time. It is up in the Lakes and no doubt will be wetter than here today, but I am looking forward to the meal if not the drive.

I went to the cinema on Thursday for the first time in years, the main reason I do not go more often is that other people also go. The ones who talk through the adverts and trailers, yes it annoys me, who rustle their skips of popcorn, who check their Facebook or emails every ten minutes, or go to the toilet, it's only a couple of hours for god's sake. I went to see Titanic on the big screen, not for the love interest but the CGI ship and the sinking, which was fantastic, and nearby there were three old dears who couldn't have been to a cinema since Charlie Chaplin was top of the bill. Halfway through after they had consumed numerous, noisy bags of crisps they got their plastic carrier bag out and passed round the sandwiches, as if that was not bad enough there then followed a pantomime in the dark as to which sandwiches were which and who ordered what. If just one person is coughing or I can see them surreptitiously glancing at a glow in the dark I home in on that and it ruins the movie, yes I am crazy and the missus would agree with you. Hence if I have to go I go on a Thursday afternoon, once the film has been on for a week or so and when the schools are not on holiday and I can count on two hands how many people are there. Oh, and the new Avengers movie is a brainless roller coaster of fun, so much so I might go to the cinema more often, albeit a Thursday etc.
I now realise also what the overly large popcorn buckets are for, what kind of world do these advertisers think we live in, how does a bottle of gassy water make the world a better place, don't they watch the news, and all those happy, smiling politically correct families and partners choosing their movies, they haven't been in our house when deciding what to watch, pass the bucket.

I am on a deadline here today, my son has spent a large part of the weekend putting my No.2 computer to rights, he also brought me a new desk for my study and No.1, so I shall have to break off and get him something to eat shortly before tarting myself up for the lunch. I will leave you with this then. One advert in the cinema had obviously had a small fortune spent on it, maybe you have seen it, the one about the dawn of time, the forging of the earth, the volcanoes, the dinosaurs, the majestic mountains and forests, the birth of humanity, the battles, then the explanation that the water in the advertisers bottles has been clear and fresh from those first days, waiting eons for you to drink, but wait, make sure you drink it before 12 Sep 15 or you have to throw it away!

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  1. I was worked on heavily by my wife and son for years to get a dog... a year and a half after giving in we now have 2! The rain and wind (and early morning/late night walks...and the vet bills...and adapting to different types of holidays...and all the mad dog people you'ĺl meet....) can be a bit of a pain but I must admit I'm really glad we got them :)