Thursday, 13 October 2016

ACW Essays

When I first started wargaming the American Civil War Ryan Toews answered a request of mine in a magazine for the colour of artillery limbers, this began a long distance friendship which resulted in me taking part in three re-enactments and the two of us publishing six scenario, two campaign and three flag booklets on the subject. I thoroughly enjoyed and still do the Johnny Reb rules and played the initial scenarios which came with them and thought I could do that, this led to a pretty decent ACW library for someone living in the UK, containing among other things the Official Records of both sides and Dyer's Compendium of the War of the Rebellion. Despite pouring over these sources there was always something I couldn't find or wasn't happy with, thankfully I had my own Civil War expert on call and Ryan furnished regimental compliments, weapons, maps and a myriad other bits of information which went to make our booklets the most accurate of their kind.

Henry House Hill, First Bull Run.

 Ryan recently sent me two essays prompted by recent questions on the war and how perceptions are changing and I would like to share these so have put them above in their own pages. Even if you are not a Civil War gamer but a wargamer and interested in history get a coffee and have a look, if nothing else they may give you an insight which may surprise you.

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