Monday, 10 October 2016

Almost Done

Very quiet day yesterday so I got on with my M3 for my British forces, I had primed it the day before so it was ready to go. The kit was from Rubicon and if you are making it as a British version because you cannot find a decent M5 then you have to leave all the interesting stuff off it, all those lovely machine guns the American versions had for instance. This leaves you a pretty dull vehicle, so it was down to stowage to make it look interesting, I looked online and these machines were loaded with stuff. I therefore opened up my new Allied Stowage kit and fished out some petrol cans and haversacks, the tarpaulins I had from the Warlord set so no point in wasting them, even with these it looked a trifle bare, so I stuck on a large piece of camo netting.

 All my paints are Vallejo so it was Russian uniform for the main colour washed with black ink and drybrushed with the same colour but a little white added, the edges were then dabbed with a sponge and mud applied to the lower regions.

I popped a photo on Facebook and immediately had it pointed out that one of the haversacks was upside down, it is now on the right way, believe me.

Now that's stowage.

 I can have panzerfaust's on my Germans but getting them proved a bit of a pain, as far as I can see most metal figures are sold in anti-tank teams so you get panzerfaust's and panzerschrek's, you cannot just buy four or more soldiers with 'faust's. Perhaps you can in the plastic boxes but I don't like plastic. As I have played more games I realise the panzerfaust is not a weapon you want to be in the field without as a German and for the price it can give the Allies pause for consideration. My solution was to buy a pack of ten 'faust's and stick them to the backs of suitable figures or have them at the feet of others, just about to be picked up perhaps.

My Bolt Action Germans are now pretty much tooled up for any scenario and have a tidy choice of support weapons in the wings, bring it on Tommy!


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    1. Thanks Ray, not sure what's next, skint.

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    1. Cheers Phil, scrabbling for something to do now.

  3. Nice job George, so plain a vehicle it's almost Russian :-)

  4. Why do the bad guys get all the good colour schemes? Cheers.