Friday, 7 October 2016

Job Done

Home alone tonight and of course I couldn't help but get on with the latest recruit to my German forces, so just a quick update.

I decided to try and put the number decals on the sides where I should have put them before putting on the rocket frame, the decal sheet which comes with the kit is great and considering you only need a few numbers it is possibly overkill, but I am not complaining. Anyway I have learned the hard way to be careful with these transfers and I use the Micro-Sol products and a pair of tweezers to help me get them right, so far this has been very successful.

I was tempted to go with the same colour scheme as my first 251 but thought it would be too dark having coloured the rocket frames in a dark woodgrain, so I went for a simple green splinter. I washed this down with Sepia and gave it a good drybrush with the ubiquitous Dark Sand, after this I used a bit of sponge and some black paint to wear away the edges then applied some watered down rust. I finished off with some mud product, voila!

I might add some bits and pieces inside once I open up my stowage kits, there are a couple of spare rockets with the kit but they would hardly be sloshing about on the inside or parked on the hood. So that is it, the infantrymen next and then the M3.


  1. Nice job there, just the right amount of weathering, good choice of camo pattern sits just right with the rocket frames.