Friday, 7 October 2016


I decided I needed more linear features for my Bolt Action table and had a look around the internet, I settled eventually on Warlord's box of stone walls, although I have stuck to my guns and bought them from someone else, thus saving a few quid and keeping Warlord on my list of 'not to be traded with' along with one more company and two countries. Just as an aside Warlord are being praised for their customer service on Facebook while everyone who does so does not have what they ordered or are not getting it for a month, go figure.

Anyway back to the walls, these are OK actually, you get quite a few bits and pieces in the kit and can make complete walled enclosures or simply a line of walls with or without a gate, I went for sandstone rather than the usual grey, this complements my bridge and is a nice change. A coat of Desert Yellow, a wash with Sepia then a dry brush with Dark Sand and a stipple of a suitable dark green to finish. I was thinking of varnishing them but as they are terrain pieces and probably will not get a lot of handling I'm leaving them as is and if needed in the future I can always repair with a dab here and a dab there.

I have got the maps under control so am now doing a bit of work of my own of an evening and have built my "Stuka zu Fuss" ("Walking Stuka") or Heulende Kuh ("Bellowing Cow") Hanomag as it was also known. The build is fairly straightforward and you can leave the rocket frame off if you want to use the vehicle as a normal transport and the rack offends you. I foresaw problems with taking it on and off as it could quite easily snag on the machine guns and break them as they are very delicate, so I glued mine in place.

It also recommends painting the rockets before completing the cages they are sat in, I agree with this, what I also did was cut off the little nodes which were on the cage sides as I found it easier to glue them in place without trying to find the holes.

Early days and my extra riflemen in greatcoats.
To be honest it is probably a better idea to paint both parts seperately and to conclusion, decals and weathering etc. before attaching the frame, but I am too late for that, so I shall have to be extra digilent with my brush work.



  1. A mean looking beast there. Nice finish to the walls, I rarely varnish my terrain pieces either.

    1. It does look good Phil, I am a sucker for all the different variants, on the wish list is the Rubicon 250 for my commander. I was pleased with the walls as well.