Monday, 10 April 2017

A good mornings work.

Once I had finished my breakfast yesterday I decided to finish off a couple of projects before catching some rays with a beer and a book. My new Roman addition to the Patricians is Quinta Macedonica a border Legion which went on to serve in the Byzantine army so I suspect it was on the Danube somewhere rather than the Rhine, I love these little details, completely useless but somehow important to a wargamer. I decided to add one more Roman infantry unit to the army in case I need a good number of cheap, but capable troops while perhaps going cavalry heavy on a larger table. I also find it hard to resist the shields.

Primed and ready to go I have a cavalry unit which I will probably finish in the next couple of weeks there being absolutely no hurry for them, again it is shield patterns more than anything. That leaves a horse archer unit I would like, but again don't need, so might have to put that on the wish list, we will see.

I also completed the third of my MDF boards, I used some hedges from The Last Valley and some corrugated sheets I had lying around from 4Ground, I also scrounged up a couple of barrels and a wheel. I had wanted to do a ploughed field but that will have to wait until I get something to use for furrows, if I keep using up my stock of Last Valley hedges I shall have to pop along to a show and get some more. I also used some darker static grass this time mixed in with my usual green, that's what gives the shadow effect along the hedges, I like it. I also thought a couple of larger flower patches the piece being an unused meadow kind of thing.

By the time I finished all this the sun had gone, it was still dry but there was a cold wind, too cold to sit outside, maybe next weekend.

I am expecting a delivery today at some point, Deep Cut Studios have released a Wild West mat, had to have it. At the moment I am using an old GW vinyl green mat on to which I painted a bit of desert as the base for my town Carefree, why do we automatically think Western towns are built in deserts, anyway, I am hoping this one will be better, I am sure it will be.


  1. Replies
    1. You can't lose with Romans, great looking armies, almost done though.

  2. Great work on both the figures and the terrain George!

    1. Sadly almost at the end of the army now, one cavalry unit on the tray and one on the wish list. Yes, I am quite pleased with my field.

  3. Mighty fine figures and terrain there. I like the shield design for the QM, I have a set which may get added to my next 3rd century unit, a tad early than the Notia, but I care not a jot.

  4. Thanks Phil, on to the Equites if I can muster some enthusiasm tonight.