Thursday, 20 April 2017

Good stuff on the box

I am having a surprisingly good time with what is on offer at the moment after months of dire programming, as you know I have programmed myself over several years to have something in the background, not music, never music, while I potter about with the brushes.

I was getting desperate for a wee while there and as the trailers for the new series of 'Versailles' came up and I saw some military types and some cannon smoke I thought perhaps I was too harsh on the first five minutes I gave series one, so I went back to it. I checked the King's brother out, he was gay and very open about it, so I let that one slide but shut my eyes whenever he got too close to his mate, yes I actually do that. I got about fifteen minutes in this time before I had had enough of the rollicking and frolicking, nope, no matter how many battles turn up.

I searched around and found 'Shots Fired' about the shooting of a white boy by a black cop, the investigators are black as are many of the characters, I am glad I did not reach for the remote, there are political and social themes throughout and they are well done from both black and white perspectives and the lead woman is not simply a cipher, in fact the actress is pretty good, I am looking forward to the next episode.

I also found another new series 'The Son' about a Texas family and its climb to owning an oil and ranching empire. The story has many cliches and you can see some of the plot lines coming without a telescope but I like it, Pierce Brosnan is the lead and I like Pierce, I believe he speaks highly of me. I am put out by the inclusion, once again, of the gay character when his sexuality is totally unnecessary and adds nothing to the story line, just so you know what's coming there have been two less than subtle hints in one episode. I shall however, keep going for now, but if some kind of modern hogwash is attached to the Comanche I might reach for the off button.

And of course the superb 'Car Share' is back, I thoroughly enjoyed the first series, it is clever, pleasant, entertaining and at times laugh out loud funny, and that is a hard thing to achieve. The second series has been great, I have even watched one episode twice, the one with the large, Irish  Smurf in the front seat, inspired comedy.

The odd episode is not enough of course with the amount of painting I am doing, so I have discovered military lectures on You Tube, these generally last an hour and are perfect for me. I have listened to Andrew Roberts and Max Hastings amongst others and have found the Royal Canadian Military Institute in the last day or so who have several interesting pieces on various subjects. I particularly like Eric Morse who is very entertaining. In keeping with my interests I enjoyed his Collapse of the Roman Army of the West.

I have not been so lucky with movies except for 'Skull Island', sheer fantasy but I did enjoy it, brain out, snacks and beer in, not a care in the world. I recommend it.


  1. We have a bit of a different taste in TV for sure. We got quite a laugh out of Versailles, but generally really like historical dramas, looking forward to the next season of Marco Polo for sure as they have introduced Prestor John to the mix.

    I really like British detective procedurals, in the middle of watching Shetland now which I have quite enjoyed, almost want to take a trip there. I will have to have a look at Shots Fired although generally American TV bores the hell out of me. I did like the American versions of Low Winter Sun and The Killing.

  2. I forgot to mention 'Line of Duty' if you like police drama I cannot recommend this highly enough, and it is now on its fourth series, so if you haven't watched it you are in for a treat.

    I have spent quite a bit of time in the Shetlands, flying in and out of there for twenty years, you really are not missing anything.

  3. We watched the first 2 seasons of Line of Duty, really enjoyed it. I had not realized that there was 2 more seasons. Have to wait for them to appear on Netflix, Amazon or You Tube. I am still waiting for the 5th season of Spirals to appear and that has been out for a couple of years. Broadcast TV is so bad in North America, I do not even have it!

    1. At least you are not forced to pay for stuff you don't agree with or want.

  4. Ooh thanks for the the YouTube tip!