Saturday, 21 November 2015

Going Cold Turkey

I am wandering about the house like a headless chicken, I can't sit down and have a relaxing drink as I have no living room and I also have to drive the missus into Lancaster at 5pm. I do have a movie for later once my duty is done, so back home, dinner, drink, movie as I thankfully do not have to pick her up and bring her back.

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Since the tournament last weekend I have been busy finishing off the Praetorians, looking at the rules to ensure I know what went on and hoping that it sinks in. Just as I was about to give up on the banalities of Facebook there is now a dedicated page for the game where you are free to discuss all sorts of WAC related stuff, rules, army lists, tactics etc., so that is on hold for a while at least. I have also been researching some Roman stuff to bolster the use of certain units in my army of 150-200AD. There has also been the after experience banter going to and fro on emails and the Scarab forum to contend with.

Also keeping my mind on the game is the fact I have decided I really need to work at using my Romans in February, put a bit more thought into things such as objectives and how I am going to achieve them, I also seriously need to get the hang of skirmishers, these were never a feature of my medieval armies so I am at a disadvantage there. After the experience last weekend my son has decided he wants to build an army, so my advice is being sought on all manner of things from paints to basing, which in turn has also focused my mind on his endeavour vis a vis WAC.

This brings me to the future and what's next as the Romans near completion, well I need to up my Early Saxons from 24 to 27 or 30 man units, I am not so sure I will have to do this for the Romano-British but I might be forced to it, all the cavalry units definately need to go to 12 from 10. The Sassanids were next up but I am now thinking they might have to wait and I could instead go the route of Macedonians, this army can fight in the Greek and Roman leagues so two birds with one stone. I used to be indecisive but I am not so sure now.

At the end of the day what I really want is a game and that is not going to happen, not for some time although I do hope to get a run out with the Romans before February, I have maps I could be drawing, I have the last cohort primed and ready to go so I could be painting, but none of this is going to scratch that itch, roll on 5.30pm so I can at least drown my sorrows.

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