Friday, 24 June 2016

Bolt Action .... what Action?

Despite everything I haven't played a game for several weeks, usually due to circumstances outwith my control but nonetheless I am gnawing at the bit to get started. Simon has agreed to take part in a mini campaign but he has had other commitments on a Tuesday night recently so it looks like it will be July 5th before we can start. I was going to run through a game here at home and if the weather breaks I still may be able to do this on Sunday, however if it is nice you have to take advantage of the sun when you can and I will be out.

I have almost completed the reflocking of my Dark Age armies so last night I put together my latest vehicles for Bolt Action, a Marder III and an M10 ( read an interesting discussion on names here). I like both, but guess what, for the third time I have had to write to Warlord Games and complain about missing or damaged parts, this time the front hatches on the M10 are missing. I have liked all the Warlord stuff I have bought but I am getting more than peeved off by their quality control, and despite them being on the ball and sorting things out for me it would be better if they made sure things were perfect before I lay out £25.

On the tray.

I am tempted to get a couple of command cars at the show near Penrith tomorrow, if I do I shall check the contents before I leave. Another thing which got on my goat was that despite handing over £25 I had to go online to get the instructions for the M10 and neither it nor the Marder contained a decal sheet. If Warlord are cutting corners then the price should reflect this, they don't have to give the choice of several different Divisions but the vehicles should at least carry national markings.

I am being told I am a painting machine, not really, when I start a project I won't stop until it is finished, this is one reason I do not have the usual lead mountain many other wargamers collect, my mountain being no more than a traffic bump. But once I get to a certain point I do stop and then am loathe to add anything else, for instance no more Dux Brit figures, no more starships, no more WWI stringbags, no more cowboys. I have also just about reached my target for WWII scenery and figures, although I will admit to wanting more vehicles.

I do want to get an enemy for my Romans but this is a project for the winter months so is some time off. That I suspect unless I get someone who has as much spare time as me and can come to my house to allow me to use all this stuff, will be it.

What about Brexit you ask, I shall leave my thoughts on that until the View on Sunday, but let me say that this is only the second time in my life that I have got what I voted for.

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  1. You're the second person I've heard recently having a hard time with Warlord's quality control. Phil had a hell of a time trying to get the right parts to build a halftrack, they kept sending him the wrong tracks.