Monday, 6 July 2015

Back in the Saddle

Yesterday I completed amendments to maps for the book on General Pulteney  'Putty' so I now await the author's OK for completion. I don't have a lot of maps on the go at the moment so I might spend some of the day on YouTube doing some 'training' to hone my skills.

I got the paint tray sorted out yesterday evening and am now nearing completion of the cataphracts, once I am happy I am going to go over them again and try and pick out some of the excellent detail on the leatherwork and armour of these figures, I normally of course would be leaping to base them but I have to learn patience with this army, I may also get some time to clean up the next unit on the list, again I am going against form and doing the Sagittarii instead of line infantry much as I am desperate to get my first real Romans done, patience, patience.

I did manage to finish some leaders and characters for my Early Saxons, these are actually some I prepared earlier, they were originally and still can be, used for Dux Brittaniarum, from left to right a bard, thegn, shaman and thegn, but now I can integrate them into my War and Conquest army. What is correct is it WAC or W&C? They are all Gripping Beast figures and although the guy on the right is not striking a dramatic pose he has a quiet menace about him which I like.

I also need to get off my backside and get a classical Greek list sorted out for November's tournament which promises to be the largest so far with 20 players, 6 completely new to the rules, Foundry have intimated they can do two more tables so there are also 4 reserve places at the moment. I really am looking forward to this. I'll have to start saving in case I am caught for a round at the bar!

Roman Army
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New total         £266.81

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