Thursday, 23 July 2015

Salve Vetaranos

I have once again managed to finish a unit in two weeks, this will be my third and the first infantry of my legionary core. These are veterans so I gave them a fancy coloured shield, I am going for red shields for my two line cohorts, the tunics I have painted a colour called Burnt Red and I like it, I had an idea of using proper red for the rest but I might stick with slight variations of this colour, the others are Black Red and Hull Red. At the moment the Praetorians are going to be white or blue.

 The next unit on the tray is not the most exciting in the army, slingers, the reason I have gone for the slingers is that I still need twelve Saxon slingers doing so they are all going to be done in one fell swoop, easily managed in two weeks. After that perhaps another cohort before some cavalry, slower this time as I have a few things coming up in August.

Romans and Saxons

I still have worries about those bendy standards, I have hit the one belonging to the veterans several times now, I might have to look at doing some drastic surgery on the others to make them sturdier.

I won't be continuing to paint over the weekend as I have decided to do a refight of the Battle of Deorham from my Dark Age scenario book and I also have a new map project to be getting on with. I have eight maps relating to the campaigns of Moltke the elder to draw for a new book by Quintin Barry.

Alsace Lorraine 1870


  1. George, you're a painting machine these days! Looking good indeed!
    A suggestion if I may be so bold... ;o) the pic the armour looks quite 'shiny' so I wonder if a thin wash of AP strong tone ink or similar (carefully applied to the armour only) would give it a more gritty campaign look?? Hope you don't mind the suggestion.
    Look forward to seeing them 'in the flesh' one day.

    1. My camera work Matt, or rather the dodgy lighting in the dining room.

    2. Righty-ho. I like the weathering on the shields too!