Sunday, 5 July 2015

View from the Window

As you can imagine the weather this morning is fine, it is early yet and I have no doubt what passes for a 'heatwave' in Lancashire will turn up later, and no, as nice as it is it will not be the blistering temperatures you get in the south. Nothing else has changed, the house across the road has still not sold and I can see all the way to Ingleborough, I do harbour a hope however that if the wind farm subsidies are stopped perhaps those monstrous things in the distance will eventually disappear.

You ever notice that when you travel you see the worst in people. You quietly turn up in time for your flight and sit for an hour or so near the check-in desk then as soon as it opens you are almost bowled over in the rush, and several people who have just turned up seem to be in front of you, or you have the odd customer who merely wanders past everyone, pretending to be on his phone, then elbows you aside to pop his boarding pass on the table. Before this, god help you if you need the toilet, what is it about the words 'public toilet, toilette, gabinetto' that turns normal people into beasts. You go in, if you find one working and the door not locked and inside you find it invariably blocked, also what should be inside the pan is everywhere but. On your way out when you decide you can wait until you get home in a fortnight, there is the box ticked by Kevin/Pierre/Salvatore saying he inspected and cleaned the place five minutes ago.

I have contracts out on several people, the guy who was so eager to leave the plane he moved all his stuff from the back to the empty seat next to me so he could get off first, then the guy who made sure his personal bag had a seat on the shuttle bus while other people had to stand, the woman crashed out on the comfy couch at Naples airport so others had to sit on hard plastic. Although I sit and notice all this and it winds me up, no one gets in front of me or uses a seat for a bag if it happens to inconvenience me, granted I have made the odd mistake, but enough of that.

When I watch a movie or whatever and someone is leaving I giggle to myself when they haul out the suitcase, open the drawers and just grab god knows what and sling it in the case, that is impossible if you are serious. I have to start with my medications, some of which are 'just in case' meds, like my ear drops and reflux tablets, others I do require so I can't slam the door until I get all them. Now that we are in the digital age I also need the various chargers; phone, camera battery (I still have a real one), toothbrush, iPad, travel battery, "Honey have you seen the thingy for charging the charger?" Also throwing your clothes in like that is a no no for me, my designer labels (OK I have one fault) are not going in like they just came out of a spin dryer. In some countries looking this good is illegal! It would take me several days to 'storm out' because there is no way I am leaving the PC, troops, books etc.

Would you ever get tired of hitting Mark Zuckerberg? I noticed a wee while back that the Legatus had at last ventured on to Facebook and it had a decent effect on his blogs, or perhaps I am confusing him with someone else. No matter, I took a leaf out of his book and went back to my Facebook page to 'build it up' and gain some friends, up until now I only had the account to be able to use the otherwise excellent X-Wing Squad Builder. Is it just me or is Facebook one of the worst interfaces and most horrible looking sites you have ever seen, Blogger has better layouts and it is far more user friendly, how can that piece of rubbish garner him untold wealth. Am I correct in that it looks almost the same as it did when it came out at first? I read the book and watched the film and in my mind the guy was definitely out of order, especially the way he treated his 'friend' who actually put the money up.

Anyway, I am now on Facebook despite Mark, I have fifteen friends, of whom I can say I have met them all and most are indeed friends or family, if I want to 'get out there' I will have to befriend people or groups who I don't know but have the same interests as myself, no problem there, I would still refuse to befriend anyone who just pops up in that side box which says that although you do not have a clue who Fred Bloggs is, someone you know does, want to be friends?

In other matters, I have come off the fence re. the wall and have decided to take the firm which hit my wall to the small claims court, it is now a matter of principle.


  1. Ah yes. Fellow travellers. Argh! It was me who saw the increase in traffic on one of my blogs! I nearly pulled my Facebook account today as the constant political whining is getting me down. I joined it to enhance my following of the hobby not to look at the ramblings of Citizen Smith! Glad you are back OK, anyway!

    1. Funnily enough I was thinking the same thing about Facebook this very morning after looking at the utterly banal guff that turns up there.