Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Back to Blighty

Three days to go and miserable Scotsman that I am I cannot wait. I also hope medical facilities will have been arranged as I am minus the proverbial arm and a leg along with at least a pound of flesh owed to the local mafioso as well.

I am already attempting to set a game up for next Tuesday and pondering harness colours for those cataphracts, might even manage a couple of hours painting on Saturday night after unpacking.

Off to Sorrento for lunch, pizza again!



  1. Thank the gods there weren't any more semi-nekked pictures of you in this post George!

    Wargamers only go on holiday to remind themselves that there's no point, seeing as we always have something more interesting to do at home anyway!! ;-)

    1. Dave, there has been a lot of work gone into that body, OK, some of it questionable but all well intentioned, looking good!