Friday, 10 July 2015

Lead Mountain

Well I am in the PO today and it is fairly quiet so I thought I would see what I needed for the rest of my Romans and just go ahead and order them up, I have to buy them at some point so why not now and drool over them in the coming months. I spent a good four hours agonising over which figures to enlist into my cohorts and which officers were suitably magnificent enough to lead them, there are so many lovely figures I was tempted to add another unit to the already large army plan.

There was one troop type Aventine did not cover so I had to go elsewhere as I needed sixteen of them, the miniatures I settled on were a whopping £8.99 for four! I could possibly have gone through Aventine's catalogue and botched something which would have done with Roman shields but I didn't, so bang went my lovely £30 discount from Aventine. Even for 28mm that is damn expensive.

Things as I said are pretty quiet and I was going to round the afternoon off with some painting, but do you know I can't be bothered, I would kill for a lovely cold pint right now and although I have some ice cold Stella a mere five feet from me I shall remain professional and wait until 17:30, or would I get away with keeping it hidden under the counter.

Roman Army
Figures              £232.56

New total          £499.37


  1. So what were the unavailable figures?

  2. I wanted 16 spear/javelin armed light Auxiliary infantry for skirmishers, the Auxiliaries in the range are perfect for line troops and I have a cohort of them but I wanted some a little more 'active' and without armour for skirmishers.

    The only other troop type I could not find anywhere was Auxiliary cavalry with bow, I settled on generic eastern horse archers for that unit. Locals recruited into the Auxilia?