Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Club night and I was up against Matt's Irish Raiders with my Romano-British in our Dux Britanniarum campaign. I have not beat 'those people' as R.E. Lee called the enemy, I have been close, but no coconuts. I had to protect the village and I got the jump on Matt and could have set up comfortably behind the hedges in shieldwall, but there is no point waiting a week for a game and then sitting in a corner all night. I find with Dux sometimes the objective of the raid becomes secondary to destroying the enemy, if you do that, you win anyway. Matt thought the same and bounded up the centre and straight into my waiting troops, not yet quite ready to receive him. With both of us on low force morale I thought kill the foot raiders and it's end of story, back to mine for a nightcap. A magnificent fight ensued in which I suffered horrendous casualties but simply could not kill the Raiders, because of the rules they take more shock than kills. Despite all this, and losing a couple of groups, my men made one more heroic effort, but Matt made his Force Morale throws and threw in his cavalry along with the 'I never miss incredible Irish Dark Age Sniper" and it was game over.
What can I moan about? Well, I am glad you asked that question, I had several chances to kill or deliver shock and twice I managed neither, I had good hit dice but lousy kill dice and needing sixes makes it even harder. I do have to say Matt's men did fight well.

Both sides eager for battle.

The Irish foot are pushed back, but there are too many empty slots in my ranks.
 And now disaster number two. While moving some wargame gear at the end and trying to not knock over someone else's boxes, I knocked mine over, for the first time ever I dropped a box of soldiers, you can imagine how sick I felt.

Bits and pieces.
I rushed home only wanting to see the damage, it looked worse than it was but I still spent an hour and a half with a tube of superglue until after midnight.

I got up at 0600 hrs this morning and put the finishing touches to my boys, never again. Now off for a well deserved bagel. And last but not least, I had a report that the link to my map site was 'dead', it has now been fixed, so go and look.


  1. George,
    The game looks great! Nice figures on both sides too!
    Having got in to TFLs Chain of Command, I find myself wondering about DB again ... ?
    Sorry to hear about the box incident - thank goodness you were able to fix it fairly quickly!

    1. Matt's Irish are well painted and look the part. Despite Dux getting me into Dark Age wargaming I am not a fan of TFL rules, but I will continue to play this game.