Sunday, 25 January 2015

Lazy Weekend and Lights.

Not a lot of wargaming going on at the moment, no club night either next week as we are being moved to a smaller, dingy room for the night for reasons which elude me, so I have decided to take a night off. I have sent draft maps for the 'big' project but will not hear back from the author until next week.
Strategic map for 'big' project.
 So I have managed to salvage some time for myself. Part of which involved completing a small map project for a WWI memoir.
Salonika Front 1917.
 And I have picked up the paint brushes, I have got a good bit of work done, on the tray are the front two ranks of a Saxon warband and to the side are the back ranks, with luck they will be based and ready to commit mayhem by next weekend. I am not a great painter, but I don't think my boys would disgrace me on any table, but I have a tip, one tip. Throw your metal paints away and buy Vallejo Model Air metals, they are not solid, you don't have to water them down and you only need one coat, they are fantastic. I can't claim orginality for this, I saw it on a WSS YouTube video, if you don't already use them, do try.

Do you remember the old days when if a light bulb popped, you went down the shop and picked another off the shelf for 50p and hey presto! Now I have a small collection of differing sizes, wattages, voltages, different fittings, small screw, big screw, bayonet etc. all coming in around £4. I am supposed to feel better about my green credentials with these and how I am saving the planet, or allowing the Bengal Tiger and White Rhino to breed so they do not become extinct and I can still see them. Well, my chances of seeing one or other on Warton Crag are not going to increase just because I have to make a journey to B&Q and I doubt my air quality will improve either, but my blood pressure is going through the roof.
Pick a light, any light..............

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  1. It might sound odd coming from a Stress-Bunny like me, but "Chill out, old bean!".
    BTW - your painting is lovely. More please!